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Call of Duty Warzone: Everything In The Season 3 Battle Pass! (Vanguard Battlepass)

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Season 3 of Call of Duty Vanguard and Warzone Pacific is upon us! Today we are looking at Everything In The Vanguard and Call of Duty Warzone Pacific Battle Pass. We also look at the price and other Microtransactions in Vanguard and Warzone Pacific. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. To be honest I'm not really that high for this battle pass this may be my last season of warzone I mean when are we going to get a historically accurate character in the battle pass and second of all I do not find the Daniel skin cool it more reminds me of the Ghosts of War skin for Naga or that one Japanese school uniform skin for katsune

  2. Wtf is wrong with these muphets , agreed the worst pattern pass over all of all seasons and games absolutely dropped the ball here

  3. I use some of the reticals , yes the look stupid but the one I use has a very small dot so I like it much

  4. Hii bro I really need ur help, I've been playing cod since 2 yrs now, everything was gng good unless my user name (BootySlayer) got changed to user#….. Without any notice, I really can't figure out the issue or nor I'm able to adress the issue pls pls help me.

  5. I find it kinda odd that the tier 100 skin is not Mateo because he the main operator in the battle pass just like season 1 it was Francis tier 100 Francis and season 2 was Anna and tier 100 Anna skin. it should be reverse the Mateo blue skull as the one tier 100 not Daniel.

  6. Ink..bro,if you like colours on weapons you should go play fortnite or apex,i like this style more,weapons feel and look like weapons with some understandable colours and geting cringy when i see anime pink or heart,or fuck knows what on i like this style of blueprints,at least they look "normal" on guns,but hey,just my opinion…

  7. @Inkslasher if you have the problem „update needs restart“ just enter and wait for about 1 min then it says „update loaded successfully“ and then you can normally start

  8. Season 2 was weaker in my opinion. Grenades and perks shouldn't be in the battlepass and let it be instant additions to the game. Like the trophy system this season. I like the operator and weapon skins much more this season than last season. For me personally battlepass season 2 is by far the worst battlepass in Call of duty ever.

  9. Guys, worry not, ive calculated exactly how much of a virgin you are
    Theres 6 seasons every cod game, buying everything in 1 season costs you 100 dollars, euro’s etc. That means at least 600 down the drain per cod game, not including the game itself, now put in limited time crossover bundles like the aot bundles (40 for both) and the snoop dogg bundle (another 20) thats 660 for a game, so whenever you see someone walking around at the start of a season with a maxed out battle pass dont think he’s cool, remind yourself of the chads who only paid for the game

  10. Yow ink theres a new dlc pack 2 of modern warfare multiplayer and its says remastered….idk why, can you do some research about it?

  11. Season 3 again removed some parts of instalation of cod mw 2019 and need to download again. Why are they making those stupid problems???

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