Dofus Let's Play #7 – Welcome to a NEW WORLD – English

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What’s up guys! It’s Morrany here and welcome to a new lets play epsiode. We start off with the kwakwa dungeon ( showed in a previous episode) and then get to the Otomai island. To get access you have to do two quests – The New World & Castaway Island. I recommend buying those items from the market to safe some time (dropping the “Big Cannonball” can be tricky). I messed up the recording of the #GrottoHesque, hope thats not a big problem. Next up we head to the #BlopDungeon which we have to do four times for each boss (Coco, Indigo, Morello, Pippin).

+ Set builder –
+ Set builder/different tools –
+ Questguides –
+ Resource map –
+ Treasure hunt –
+ Monster stats and Spells –


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  1. I like the live commentary. Altough I know alot about early game, so for me it is not that interesting yet 😛 Waiting for the higher lvl dungs 😉

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