Dying light 2

Dying light 2 If you wait enough Spike will start playing the theme song…

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This is Dying light 2 gameplay

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  1. I dont know why but im still playin D L 1
    But what cost? Oh and that gives us the same piano in first dl just kill rais and then go to radio station on old town qnd then climb up an wait 2 mins then the music starts

  2. when dying light 2 came out I did a full playthrough of the first game in just one weekend. love the first one much more.

  3. You just seen this lol? I noticed this literally the first day with the first hour of play just from searching every corner for anything to find and then this happened lol

  4. I found it on my first playthrough because I was there so I went for a pee then when I was back he was playing dying light 1 theme

  5. Yeah you discovered it after 3 months i discovered it when it released but sadly I don't have a youtube channel so I didn't uploaded it

  6. Ps this was not apart of the game at launch it was apart of the shadow update that improved qole in the game back in march

  7. I aint gonna lie, I went straight to the piano waiting for him to play it in my first playthrough.

  8. I noticed that a long time ago dying light 1 main theme that was sick but the dude ender the piano was not expected indeed

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