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FLEXING ON FIORA | League of Legends

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  1. Absolutely love your videos. Your voice is really pleasant to hear. And i love when you're arguing with someone, it just sounds really funny

  2. I have finally understood the power of udyr. Played him jungle for the first time and managed to get 8 kills. Then played him top and beat up a tryndamere.

  3. " I think we're going to win this game… I'm just really really angry."

    Are you like me that when I'm legit angry I somehow manage to play like 4x better out of no where?

  4. Sup Pat first tihing first the mission was a success (i mean easiest mission ever so..) and second glad to upload on yt ( had some pc issues recently cant watch your stream as much not if it would change anything since you are live at 3-4 in the morning in my local time but i tried to watch from time to time ) Lastly STAY FCKING AWESOME !!!!

  5. Even though most of the content I've already seen from Sunny, Pat's rambling makes it seem like I haven't watched it yet because of how random it is

  6. Pat what runes do you normally use on udyr, I’m trying to get better at him but I don’t know what to use

  7. another game of the bear, the tiger and the turtle railing and smacking the enemy
    we love to see it

  8. I missed u pat. Welcome back im still thankfully of ur voli build and runes. I have 60games on voli and 73%wn with ur build/runes❤️❤️

  9. hey Pat I just wanted to say that I found your channel recently and I've really been enjoying your videos. its nice to see league content creators who actually enjoy the game with their friends :). Go off king keep up the good work <3

  10. i love seeing udyr smack some double decked up, moist, lotion covered, shiny, galactic level sized booties in league of legends!
    Great work keep it up!

  11. So i checked out frog time, I've now seen a frog eat two frogs whole in one sitting… My life will never be the same.

  12. The level 1 Fiora returning to lane and manfighting the level 3 Udyr like nothing happened was either a power move or brain damage

  13. Listen, I JUST jerked off. I can't be this erect again already… Seeing a Fiora getting dunked on will do that to you, though.

  14. Pat? I think I failed the mission at 9:26. Instructions were unclear. Foreskin now caught in fan. Circumcision imminent. Which is a real problem since, as you know, I was already circumcised.

  15. Wowie, you actually know how to push a lead. That’s crazy. Meanwhile, I somehow always throw winning games.

  16. Considering how much catholic art features hanging dong, you’d think he’d be more down for dick art.

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