Ghostwire Tokyo VS Reality | Real World Locations Comparison

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  1. i wish there will be lot more open world games with japanese settings. i get sick of medievel and cyberpunk setting on games

  2. ¿Podrías hacer la comparación de lego star wars la saga skywalker entre Xbox Series S/X y PS5 por favor? Espero este video.

  3. I've loved every minute of this game. The story and mechanics, or even just wandering around these gorgeous locations.

  4. When resl world is boand as fck . There artistic choices tried to make it look lile new york

  5. Even though the gameplay and story are nothing special, the cultural representation is on point. Details of the city and folklore are what make this game special for me.

  6. Brilliant video and really well done! Any chance you’ll be covering Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands? Really like to know which version to get 🙂

  7. What a pity you simply just can't turn the whole city back to the normal life where it has been, just as exact as what we'd seen at the scene of the beginning of the story where you can see many people had been walking around in the avenue!
    So we really need those living NPCs being able to fill in every street every corner of the city after you defeating the final boss in the game, otherwise the city looks so hollow and lifeless except those cute cats, dogs and yeah adorable naughty raccoons!

  8. It's not entirely 1-1 with the real deal as some minor artistic liberties we're obviously taken to the way some of the buildings and alley ways were subtly altered in appearance(presumably for legal purposes?)but It is rather impressive how close they managed to recreate Tokyo all together.

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