How to Play Omen in 2022 – Valorant Tips & Tricks

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From the best times to try and fool your enemies with a teleport, to how to use his smokes correctly, this Valorant video will teach how to play Omen in 2022.

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Editor: Sikar

Intro: 00:00
Omen’s Abilities: 00:22
How to best use Omen’s Smokes: 01:44
How to best use Omen’s Paranoia: 02:26
How to best use Omen’s Teleport: 03:30
How to best use Omen’s Ultimate: 04:12
When to try a teleport play: 05:40
How to play Omen on attack: 06:06
How to play Omen on defense: 07:09
Outro 07:54

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  1. Quick tip for lower Elo omen players

    Most enemies that aren’t using omen don’t use him because low elo players usually have 1 main. You can use lots of easily predictable tactics once or twice for a cheeky ace, but even more so at low elo, non omen mains don’t know what the to sound is, so you don’t feed gunfire or paranoia to get a tp and back off. Make sure it doesn’t become a habit tho (high elo players basically all know the tp sound)

  2. To grab spike with your ult, tp directly above it and press Cancel immeadiately after casting your Ult. You will appear with Spike in your inventory.

  3. Thanks for this it was nice watching as my third agent needs to be Omen as I am quite good but have room to improve with him

  4. Bro, no offence but I couldn’t understand half of what you said, speak more clearly all I hear is mumbling

  5. Don't need to press f if u tp directly above spike. also many people now know about this trick so they try to hit hs at omen to cancel his tp resulting in spike not being picked up. So what u gotta do is tp on top of spike and instead of pressing f press x to cancel asap so enemies can't hit u

  6. learning to use the teleport is key…too many people try to just teleport to the back of the map and then the whole team is just staring at you waiting

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