Microsoft Takes INDUSTRY From PS5 | Xbox Series X VS PS5 Sales | Xbox & PS5 News

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Microsoft has finally reported their sales numbers when it comes to the Xbox Series S | X consoles. It’s looking like Xbox is taking the market share away from Sony’s PlayStation 5.

These are real numbers and sales numbers being talked about by top Xbox and Microsoft executives. With Xbox Game Pass, Streaming and next generation consoles leading the way in gaming.

Could we see Xbox take away the market share from the PS5 this generation? Is the Xbox One generation and PS4 generation finally behind Xbox? And will Xbox compete with the PS5 on a much larger scale?

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  1. Are you surprised by the amount of success Xbox has had lately? Or do you think this will continue the entire generation?

  2. Not to mention they're actually gaining solid traction in Japan during the first generation they've done zero marketing towards that territory.
    Western companies aren't typically favored there in general. So seeing decent numbers, especially in the gaming market, is kind of impressive.

  3. It gets tiresome with the competition crap. Competition doesn’t always mean the best product. Some companies just know what they are doing. Like apple. They changed the cell phone market. They weren’t concerned with what others were doing. They did their own thing. Samsung could stop making cell phones and Apple would still dominate and make good products. There was no tablet market u til apple. They created the market. Sony isn’t competing. They are placating morons who own PlayStation consoles. Sorry. Sony doesn’t give a F about their consumers. Every move they make is to see how they can rip their consumers off. Everything they do is about ripping consumers off. Name one thing of value they offer. Microsoft did online gaming after the first console. PlayStation threw that crap out there ps plus. If they were competing they would create their own servers and host their own stuff. But they don’t because they don’t want to spend the money. That’s not competing. They want to spend as little as possible and charge the F out of their gamers. They realize their consumers are mindless and will doing anything to own a PlayStation. If Sony spit in their customers faces at checkout. Those morons would still by a PlayStation. I can see it now. They would makes excuses and say oh it’s just a cultural thing. PlayStation users have no respect for themselves. Microsoft screwed up. Users complained. Microsoft changed and innovated. And look what we got. Microsoft did their own thing. Not try and copy plaupystation. The competition narrative is just old. And played out. If PlayStation was competing their online service would be similar or even offer movie streaming. Basically Sony doesn’t want to do online subscriptions. They want you to 70 to 150 bucks a game. And they know the morons who run around preaching a ps5 is more powerful than anything on the planet are dumb enough to do and pay anything Sony tells them to do. I used to own a playstion years ago. I have some respect for myself. No one is going to disrespect me like Sony does and think I’ll give them money enjoy your underpowered substandard consoles just to play 5 titles every four years. For me god of war is good. But not that good for all the headaches PlayStation brings to the table. Game saves hardware etc.

  4. Microsoft needs to double down on Halo Infinite and put more man power on making it the experience it should have been out of the box. Until they do that, they still won’t win the hearts of hard core gamers who don’t trust them or 343 anymore.

  5. Zalker , Xbox is more passionate about the gaming industry , not really competing with other companies right ?

    I read an article that says that spencer is open to work with other companies Nintendo, valve and even Sony.

    The article is called
    Xbox’s Phil Spencer reveals reason behind Nintendo switch on his self

  6. I'll admit this the xb1 wasn't that good it had a lot of issues I couldn't wait to get my hands on a series X to play next gen games I know years ago the Xbox brand was about to get binned untill Phil Spencer stepped in to save it he saved it from the bottom where it was going if it wasn't for Phil people need to stop complaining just let the past be the past an continue to this gen where the Xbox is changing the world

  7. All i know in Xbox 20 yrs in gaming industry their still in 3rd place no matter how Microsoft spend their money on them even now what an achievement to the xbot community.

  8. All the hyperbole😂 if xbox doesn’t release exclusives and soon like by the end of 22, it’s over for them. Nintendo has the best console bar non lol and it’s last gen graphics but yet it’s still ahead. Series s is the next best console i love it

  9. here me out as a ps player, its def awesome to see competition as it makes both companies get better, i believe xbox will do great this generation but still wont pass sony’s overall sales. PS is just way more popular but i am 100% sure xbox will def do so much better than last gen
    stop the console wars, u cant go wrong with either it all comes to personal preference

  10. I sent you or however reached out to Me $159 for shipping and handling of a PS5 you said I won. Now you are telling me to send $200 extra for customs?? Nice scam dude.

  11. I will never go to Sony, been tempted multiple times but for one reason. Halo. I don’t want 2 consoles.

  12. Eagerly waiting to see what happens later this year when xbox drops some of their most anticipated games

  13. I just here to say Xbox better be going hard after Ubisoft.

    Imagine Turn10/Playground games getting there hands on the like of The Crew, Steep and Rider Republic sliding them all over the forza engine.

    AssassinsCreed could be help by Ninja Theory Studios/Undead Labs and they could finally get Prince of Persia back rolling as a reboot ip

    All TomClancy shooters can be helped by MahinceGunStudios/IdTech to achieve 60/120fps experience modes, then push the graphics from there.

    FarCry gets help from the Coalition teams to help reclaim success of old.

    Live most multiplate and just make exclusive DLC included with Gamepass subscribers. Then make all day one Gamepass titles…

  14. The Title way over sensationalized the situation. It's one quarter of Xbox win amid a period severe shortage from other platforms. It's still a great accomplishment but let's see if this hardware up trend hold when the console shortage is alleviated. growth of services was disappointing considering MS had the most highest rated releases in their history in 2021.

  15. Please somebody fucking help me. Can't find any online help. I bought my series x yesterday, updated it then installed Microsoft flight sim. Since then it's bee. Total shit. Once I install the disc it automatically says it needs an update bit then I get an error code 0x8b050033. This states that servers or down, or maintenance. But I checked everything and they are not down. I've removed my account then reapplied it like Microsoft said, nothing happened, I've done a hard reboot, I've done everything. It's driving me crazy.

  16. It’s not because Xbox is better it’s cause Sony have part shortage’s so how about y’all pipe down

  17. I'm not a brand loyalist…. but you have to be blind not to see the better value Xbox has overall right now.

  18. "Xbox has taken over the gaming industry when it comes to console sells" 🤣😂, zalker 87 is telling fables now 😁, xbox hasn't taken over anything, the xbox series x/s is still behind the ps5 in lifetime worldwide sales. The reason why xbox did so well in march was because of the availability of the xbox series s. It's easier to get your hands on a xbox series s than a ps5. If it wasn't for this chip shortage the ps5 would have left the xbox series x/s in the dust a long time ago. This chip shortage is helping the xbox series x/s to compete against the ps5.

  19. That's a good thing & something MS/Xbox need to make sure that it continues this Generation & going forward.

  20. ' Xbox sales Tops US chart '
    For all the xbot fans celebrating early building the castle in air.
    In Global chart ps is still leading..
    Ps is just facing tremendous chip shortage..

  21. All that Xbox owners can really look forward to over the next couple of years, from their Zenimax purchase, is the promise of Starfield. And from Blizzard/Activision, over the same period, are similar releases to what Sony is getting. The fact that Microsoft has been selling so well over the past few months, with no major exclusive releases, is impressive. But in 6 weeks, at the Xbox Games Showcase, there will be a whole slew of new game announcements, gameplay reveals, and new details on the biggest titles for the year. I suspect that Microsoft's advantage in their developer teams will be rather evident. And I won't be surprised if Microsoft ends the year with more consoles sold worldwide.
    Sony will remain a major player, and hopefully, will force Microsoft to keep working for the consumer.

  22. Well yesterday I read that 'Xbox studios is investing and investigating in NFT's, blockchain, metaverse and other emerging technologies but we are not ready to talk about it yet'

    So why is not anybody talking about this cause whenever any company talks about this people just bash them hard but MS is talking about it right now and nobody is speaking anything so kinda strange isn't it.

  23. I'm not a fan boy I have both PS5 and xbox series X. I enjoy them both. Although Sony went standard with VRR no g sync or free sync. And xbox best start putting out AA games.

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