RDX: Xbox Ubisoft Deal! New Xbox Series X Redfall, Hellblade 2 News, PS5 Game, Xbox Expands Gamepass

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Xbox Ubisoft Deal! New Xbox Series X Redfall, Hellblade 2 News, New PS5 Games, Xbox Expands Gamepass & Much more!


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  1. You typically use a multiplier on a companies previous year's gross revenue to get a rough value of its purchase price. Of course there are a lot of other factors which could effect the price when the financial analysts look at their balance sheet and P&Ls, but it would likely cost roughly $20b to buy Ubisoft based upon an 8x multiplier with its $2.5b 2021 revenue.

  2. Demo's are not representative of the final product. The worst part about demo's, you have youtube reviewers, I seen this many times, where a game is reviewed based on its demo instead of its final product. Demo's can either make or break sales. Developers shouldn't be forced to create a demo and Demo's should never be placed behind a pay wall. Shame on Sony on its anti consumer practice. Some may argue it. but most consumers are casual, and they take notice.

  3. I can't understand how Sony did not add VRR on a system level on PS5 when they were very aware that VRR was present on the Xbox One X, last generation. How did they miss the ball? I don't get it. One thing Sony is not, a software developer. They have yet to figure out how to imulate PS3 gamesxon any of thier systems. How to carry over saves and content from one system over to another system. How to not charge you for upgrades.

  4. You guys should talk about blockchain/NFT gaming, all this regular gaming shit is getting boaring!! Get with the times!

  5. Game pass will be the death of Sony if they continue this way even if copyed Microsoft strategy there alrdy so far behind within 2 years Microsoft will be slapping Sony around like Sony was a year into Xbox one 3-1 4-1 isn't outta question this will be a Slater console war ended when Microsoft bought Bethesda and really ended with Activision now the content war begins and Microsoft knows what they need to do

  6. Please dealer and Dee stop spreading false info, the PS5 VRR is not half baked, just because it may turns off when the frames falls back to 30 does not mean it doesn’t work. Why you dont have the same energy when xbox falls even further than 20 because there is games that falls worst than 30 on xbox. Xbox really is the only most powerful console that can’t do RT and 60 frames at 4k. The weaker console PS5 easily does it.

  7. The way dealer thanks the fans gets me every time even when he pisses me off dude is one of the realest people out there.

  8. 😂😂😂😂😂I saw last night someone said "Elon is buying Playstation since all they play is Twitter"

  9. 54:45 I understand Tim's take, and it works for core gamers who invest in ecosystem (and I think it explains why the sales are still high even when saving from XGP). But we are far from the majority. From what I can see with people around me, casual gamer choose to wait in case the game comes on XGP, many told it literally -(I don't have the time now anyway, I'll wait just in case)-.

    And to my surprise, I thought it with 2 different game this year. I was about to buy Guardian of the Galaxy and Life is Strange, but chose to wait just in case. And I bought Mass Effect Legendary Edition and it went on gamepass right after that %50 deal (I don't regret owning it, but still, I felt like I could've wait instead, the thought still happened you know lol). Don't you think I would be more hesitant to buy a game on a deal afterward? Don't forget that not all xbox user are BIG xbox fan. They go where the deal is better.

    Tim has a good grasp on how fan interact, cause it ressemble a lot how I act with XGP and xbox in General, but we should be careful about applying this to the majority of people. Business is business and people are greedy, especialy if gaming is not a priority! Nonetheless, I think it's a great topic to explore more!

  10. Mark Fonz's words and always remember "There will never be a Dickless X" – Fonz 2022'

    Real Deal Boyz laying smackdowns hard again as always 👌

  11. Sorry Xbox got a long way to go. The zenamax deal is just starting to show anything with starfeild that may or not be a hit.

    TES 6 is far off as well as the next fallout game. Perfect dark remake is in trouble with the studio failure to get things done. The Activision Blizzard deal may fall thought because lawmakers think ms is to big. They got stuck with ps have some of there new IP Frist. Halo game has been mismanaged as a free play crap show, co op campaign is still being worked on.

    No new game from all the studio the own. Awhole lot of nothing. Xbox lost last gen because lack of games.

  12. I used to value Zalker's opinion and thought he had great taste, buy man, lately he's had bad takes. Love you Zalker! 😁

  13. As Sony continues to fumble with PS5 stock, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has gushed about PS5 vs Xbox Series X sales performance, revealing that PS5 lost market share to Xbox for two quarters in a row. In the first quarter of 2022 (Microsoft’s third fiscal quarter), Xbox Series X/S was the next-gen market leader not only in the United States but also in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Western Europe.

  14. Far Cry 6 was awful Zalker. They litteraly have a mission about a transexual being a victim in the middle of a war. Its garbage made by far left lunatics

  15. When they remake TLOU they should race and gender swap every straight white male character and make Joel a gay trans man that gives birth to his daughter in the opening scene🫃🫃

  16. I agree with Tim it’s a great time to be team Xbox we were always having the piss taken out of us in the Xbox one gen time for Sony pony’s to suck it up 💚

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