Sifu | Full game | Walkthrough | Gameplay | Part – 3 [The Club]

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Video Includes:
1. Misson 02: The Club [Full]

Part 3 of Full game walkthrough, the gameplay of the game “Sifu” in HD 1080p Ultra settings (No commentary)

My system specs:
-1080p Resolution.
-i7 3770.
-GTX 1070.

-16Gb RAM.

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01:23 Mission2 start
21:07 Mini boss!
24:10 I’m Dead! XD
24:25 Second Round!
30:07 Left side from main hall
32:57 Two big guys fight
34:10 Two bar ladies fight
35:43 Ring fight
37:29 Mini boss fight!
41:33 Round Three!
45:00 Right side from the main hall
47:08 Three tests!
50:02 Boss entrance fight!
52:39 Boss fight!

Sifu is an action beat ’em up video game developed and published by French studio Sloclap for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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  1. The concept behind how this game is built is incredibly intriguing – I absolutely love it! I haven't picked this up yet, but the more that I watch the more I'm thinking it's about time I played it myself!

  2. been seeing this game pop up everywhere on the internet lately. I have to say I see what the hype is about very visually stunning art style and I love the combat mechanics and movements.

  3. I found it kinda weird that after so many tries you get older and older. At on the second go around you did way better.

  4. EVery attack that he was doing, you seemed to have an answer for him, perfect fighting techique

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  6. That was some really fantastic Content!! 😁 👍 Incredible work my Friend! BIG LIKE 🤝😎 Enjoying to the end

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