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The 10 HARDEST Elden Ring Bosses

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Welcome to MojoPlays, and today we are counting down our picks for the 10 Hardest Bosses in Elden Ring. In this video, we’re looking over the bosses of the Lands Between that, above all else, demanded players to knuckle down and Get Gud! Our list includes Morgott, the Omen King, Starscourge Radahn, Mohg, Lord of Blood, Dragonlord Placidusax, Godskin Duo and more! Which of these monsters across the fog pushed you to your limits? Sound off in the comments, and be wary of a few spoilers!

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  1. Not sure why but Morgott was my easiest boss but godrick fucked me up for so long and made me wanna uninstall

  2. For some reason I have beat all the bosses on that list in like 10 trys except for malenia that took me like a 100 trys

  3. for me personaly there is no top 10 but just a top 1.
    it is only malenia who is difficulty, pretty much no matter what.
    all other bosses become easier there more you follow the typical boss checklist, especially in elden ring.
    1. if you struggle, upgrade your weapon.
    2. if you still struggle, lvl up a bit, and put more points into vigor.
    3. use a summon.
    4. and if you really cant make it work, call your mimic.

    i love the summon feature, but the mimic is way, WAY to strong and reliable.
    and with that, every boss becomes somewhat easy, even for the worst souls player out there.
    i wish the mimic would have been a new game + feature.

    anyways, love the game, and cant wait for DLC's

  4. For me, the bosses that give me so much trouble are Radagon (not Elden Beast), Malenia, Radhan, Margit, Crucible Knight in Evergaol, and Limgrave Tree Sentinel.

    Morgott: 1st try. It's so easy compared to Margit when I still under level and don't know about anything like ash of war or spirit ashes.

    Godfrey: Under 10 tries. The 2nd phase is troublesome.

    Radhan: Around 50 tries. The meteor strike always got me.

    Nial: < 5 tries. Helped by spirit ashes.

    Mohg: < 5 tries. Just need to learn the movements.

    Placidusax: 1st try. Slow movements, easy to dodge.

    Maliketh: 1st try. No sweat.

    Radagon: Countless.. That make me play dirty and cheese him. But the Elden Beast is nothing compared to Radagon.

    Godskin Duo: < 5 tries.

    Malenia: over 50 tries. The hardest boss but doable.

  5. For me thr goskin duo fight Was the Harvestehude without summon (didnt beat radagon ,malenia and mohg without summon yet)cuz the knights are very steong and my moonveil Deals no damage at all

  6. I honestly felt most of these bosses were pretty easy, It really depends on how you play/your build.
    Ps: I think my most difficult fight on this game had to of been the two crucible knights in that small area.

  7. Wait people thought morgott was hard. I no joke beat him on my second try in 2 minutes and it was my first play through

  8. I managed to kill Malenia the first time but Radaan killed me at least 50 times. That was the hardest boss for me, perhaps i was bit under powered at that time.

  9. The only boss that pushed my anger to the limit is Malenia idk how but i cheesed Godrick, morgott, Malekieth, even Godfrey without even trying or any need of beating him thanks to my mimic tear and blood loss build

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