The BEST video output for your Xbox – XboxHD+ HDMI Mod Review

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  1. "I received 3 extra flex cables"… – We saw the Wii video 😂Joking aside we're glad that you were able to get everything sorted out and running in HD! And we're always available if you, or anyone else, has any questions.

    One of the biggest selling points for us of the XboxHD+ is what we like to call the 'plus features'. While other solutions and other mods focus just on the output, the XboxHD+ is also laser-focused on adding additional features that are only possible with our software/hardware combinations.
    – Native frame buffer output that can completely bypass the built-in output scaler. (Reducing blurriness in the output image)
    – Native 480P output on all titles. A large part of the Original Xbox's library only runs in interlaced and our software outputs all titles natively in progressive. (Which isn't possible with any other setup)
    – Fixes games and kernel bugs. Did you that there are over 20 titles that refuse to run at all or with severe graphical issues on the 1.6 revision of the Xbox? The XboxHD+ fixes all of those with no need for patching games.

    We're also constantly working on new and exciting features!

  2. The Console convert digital to analog and the TV convert analog to digital. That create lag, the digital Input in the TV is lag friendly nowadays

  3. Yeah just plugging in my Xbox for a couple minutes is probably the easiest way to get those heat sinks off, I swear the stuff on mine was the equivalent of mixing rubber cement and gum

  4. thank you for taking the time to do this and put us step by step through it. i love what you do and its something I'm very well interested in. i build computers from scrap for fun. and id love to to find a way to turn my scrap computers into something !

  5. Hey, Matt. Your video inspired me to finish my HDMI mod on my Xbox.

    I finally got the dang kernel patched properly. Turns out I was using the wrong patch the whole time.

    Honestly MakeMghz needs to update their guide to make it more clear what youu are supposed to be using software wise.

    Anyway the Xbox is working perfectly now and the image is beautiful.

    Thanks for the videos.

  6. Weird how I just bought one In person and got recommended this as soon as I open YouTube 😂

  7. The Segway to the sponsor PCBWay was cleaner than the Segway to Linus’s sponsors. Clean job Matt loving the vids

  8. just a note softmods are fine as long as you keep a copy of the xbox bios because with thatyou can always burn a new hard drive for it if the old one dies.

  9. Wow you should’ve put a little bit more thermal compound on it Still a good video and if it works it works

  10. I think it's more universal to have HDMI only. If you really need to convert backwards for an old display, you can. But 99% of the time you'll hook up to a TV with HDMI.

  11. HDMI is perfect for everything but PC's. PC's need DisplayPort, since HDMI can't handle everything it can. But yeah, I also can't stand analog video.

  12. surprisingly the pound hd link cable is really really good, playing games like need for speed underground 2 and super monkey ball deluxe looks amazing. great alternative between the 3rd party component cables and the hdmi mod since it doesn't require any soft/hard modification or soldering. hyperkin makes one too but I heard the one from pound is better

  13. I once found a modded original Xbox on the side of the road. I cleaned it and found a red modchip inside. I don't know what it does. But because of some stickers on the bottom from a modding company with a 2004 date on it, I guess the chip was put in back then. It's interesting to see something like that.

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