Call Of Duty Warzone

The Final team made us WORK for the Win! (Call of Duty Warzone)

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We had to really work for this win… with @Spartakus and @Glory Jean

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  1. The spr is the most satisfying sniper imo, sounds awesome suppressed and even better non suppressed

  2. Who the hell plays with Badger from Breaking Bad, why would you do that to your own stream?

    That sounded a bit too mean, I'm only kidding.

  3. Regulator warzone is so fuckin boring it’s just hours of looting and running around I now know why everyone liked rebirth I used to hate it because I was bad at it and now it’s all I play because I love it and I’m good at it. It’s so much more action packed and fast paced it’s fun

  4. Another great play Stone would be if they are taking the balloon – All at once shoot it and it will blow up, then they'll DROP – and bish, bash, bosh

  5. Stone another great game guys! Always exciting to watch your gameplay. Keep on banging out great content. Love it ♥️♥️

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