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The VANGUARD SEASON 3 UPDATE Changed These 15 Things Today… (Vanguard Season 3 Update)

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So… Season 3 is here… Kind of. Today we ended up getting Call of Duty: Vanguard’s Season 3 update live for all platforms. This update, essentially a pre-load for the Season 3 content coming to Vanguard and Warzone, prepared the Vanguard application for what’s going to be going live tomorrow at 9am PT. However, while not everything is live just yet on the public facing side of things, a vast majority of the content is actually already discoverable via private matches and things of that nature. Today we’re breaking down the 15 big changes that you can see in Vanguard after the Season 3 update today, ahead of the Season 3 launch for Vanguard and Warzone come tomorrow. From fundamental changes like the introduction of the Trophy System (finally) all the way to playing with the new weapons of the M1916 and Nikita AVT on the new map of Mayhem… There’s plenty to discuss. As we go along, drop your thoughts below on what you’re looking forward to the most in Season 3 for Vanguard or Warzone. If you’re new to the channel, do be sure to subscribe to stay up to date with all things Warzone, Vanguard and anything Season 3 ahead of the launch here and going into the week ahead and as well, some things for Modern Warfare II / Modern Warfare 2 coming as teasers and the hype builds ahead of what is rumored to be a reveal next month. But for now, let’s take a look at the Season 3 update and the 15 things that it changed in Call of Duty Vanguard. This is: The VANGUARD SEASON 3 UPDATE Changed These 15 Things Today… (Vanguard Season 3 Update)

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  1. Everytime they release another season update it just wipes your in game settings back to default, I'm getting sick an tired having to set everything back the way i prefer every single update on pc.

  2. Awesome videos espresso keep up the awesome content. Also ik that this is king kong vs godzilla themed season but The skal crusher looks like kratos leviathan axe😂

  3. I'm confused by this trophy system…it has a bunch of claymore mines around it but those definitely didn't exist until the Vietnam War era and in the first little trailer we got the one operator was wearing a 1st Cav Air Mobile helicopter crew helmet and a flack jacket both of which weren't a thing until Vietnam…are they potentially drawing Vanguard away from WW2 and into the 60s?

  4. Is there a reason why I can't join ranked season 3… It just says my rank and specialists and reward.i continue 20+ times and nothing happens.

  5. I just want GvK! I’ve been a Godzilla fan since I was born and cod since I was 12 lmao this mix will be interesting

  6. They fix the blueprint problem of it looking like straight trash after you put the proper attachments on?

  7. Season 3 will this cause to reset ranks I was level 400 but after update it’s on level 1 I’m confused? Any answers will be much appreciated thanks

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