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WARZONE: Full 1.57 Update PATCH NOTES! Major Weapon Tuning! (All SEASON 3 Update Changes)

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Here’s what changed in the new 1.57 Update for WARZONE!
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In this video, we’re breaking down the new 1.57 Update in call of duty WARZONE! Today we got the new Season 3 Update in COD WARZONE, aka Update 1.57 which includes all the new Season 3 Changes and a ton of Patch Notes! this video explains the Full Patch Notes for the 1.57 Update in WARZONE!

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  2. I really love that they buff the dragunov finally but nerf it at the same time and insult it too lol. Seriously just make the dragunov a marksmen rifle and give it something in its favor other than being a near unused weapon

  3. Cool video and lot of good stuff except they still have the buy station bug cause had to do it thinking I was good and got shot and died for a iav I didn't get to use 😁 so hope they actually fix and test it out in console before playing with our emotions 🥲 lol

  4. I would be playing warzone but the either caused a bug where you have to have Xbox Gold to play the game or they restarted the Xbox Gold requirement for Warzone.

  5. I guess all the cry babies who didn't wanna take the time to master the Swiss or kar98 got their wish. "No way, how'd he hit me? They need to nerf the swiss" it's called practice.

  6. The sniper needs are stupid. I feel like they should always be a 1 shot to the head. That takes enough skill that it should remain like that. Just nerf the idle sway and ads speed. There are rifles that have no recoil (m13, Cooper, etc) so basically snipers are useless now

  7. There is one weapon that nobody ever talks about and I'm happy it doesn't get touched on any update whatsoever. If we shoot each other at the same time or even if I shoot just a lil after you, mine will beat any weapon in the game. Period. No fighting. Dont care what attachment they have. Guarantee every time. Specific Modern Warefare build… the Crossbow. Remains untouched. 🎯 you have to be skilled in accuracy, timing and dodging. If you master that, you got it. Every time.

  8. U can definitely tell that there has been a big drop in numbers run into the same people or streamers

  9. The new menu music is horrible, I never really cared about what they put in there but this is so stupid and annoying, turned that crap off, I do not want to hear it.

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