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This is the Full BATTLE PASS For Season 3 of WARZONE & Vanguard!
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In this video, we’re breaking down the full Season 3 Battle Pass for Call of Duty WARZONE and Vanguard! Today we got the new Season 3 Update in COD WARZONE which includes a new Battle Pass. This video goes over all 100 Tiers in the new Season 3 Battle Pass in WARZONE and Call of Duty VANGUARD!

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  1. I load up and guess what, unless u have xbox gold you can't play Warzone. Literally can't drop a season without breaking the game smh

  2. I have 5 snipers that have a 50+m 1 shot down on the head.
    1. AX50 can Quickstep with faster rpm than hdr
    2. HDR Hits hard but slow rpm
    3. ZGR Good
    4. Gorenko fastest rpm and 3x faster than other snipers, but slow ads
    5. SPR w/ .338 to 64m then drops
    Order of Great to Eh
    1. ZGR
    2. Gorenko Anti Tank
    3. AX50
    4. HDR
    5. SPR w/ .338 for close engagements

  3. Comparing to previous cod passes (cw and mw) it's pretty underwhelming! I mean so many calling cards and shotgun, pistol and marksman skins.. still worth the 10euros anyway.

  4. when you make a videogame there are loops either the game is instructed to do or the player is smart enough to do.

    – when not fighting the go from this point go to this point.

    – when fighting change from going from point to point and fight.

    when a cheater plays a honest player then this changes the ability of the honest player to do whats hard coded to happen that is to code the game by playing the game.

    its like those games in the carnival your not supposed to win. its fixed.

    in order to combat this the honest player needs a bot thats hard coded to fight and win by doing the fighting code even though its being tampered with by cheaters who try to prevent their enemy from completing code to do game tasks. the bot fights the hackers/cheater and wins and theres nothing that can be done about it but use your own bot.

    right now teams of cheaters are like bots to each other raging through lobbies why not give the honest player a bot too, because its more fun to fight with a bot auto fighting for you and that means more money for the game developer.

    i know hackers storm people shooting them with a clip before they can turn around which defeats the ability to code/run code to fight, so the hacker unloads a clip on the head the bot turns around and starts to fight with a chance of winning. im sure many hackers streamers would detest this. it would be delicious to see.

  5. Im don’t want to spend too much money😭but should I get the battle pass or buy the Godzilla bundle when it comes out?

  6. The new weapons are utter trash!! Full ranked up and even in hardcore multiplayer they struggle to kill.

  7. This man spent 2.8k in cod points bruh you need some help I always do the one for 1000 cod points so I have some left over and I don't have to spend any real money on this game

  8. I wanna ask i bought the battle pass and i didn't get the three skins for Beatrice (bonus skins) what am I supposed to do??

  9. I hate how the game doesn’t state what the base gun is for the blueprint, like bitch I can’t tell the difference between no-41 or automation or as44 when they’re in a blueprint form they all look the same!!!

  10. I've paid for the 20 tier skip on cold War and I am at level 31 on the battle pass but can't use any of the weapons/skins etc any idea why?

  11. So you buy battlepass and don't get everything because of this free for clans?! Back to greedy activities Activision.

  12. Does anyone know if you can progress the season 3 battle pass for warzone and vanguard playing modern warfare 2019?

  13. Zac, I have to ask but is there any reason why the new AR needs 100 bloodthirsty streaks rather than the 30 required for every other weapon in the game?

  14. Will we every get new battle pass content for Cold War again? I just can't get in to Vanguard.

  15. Thanks for posting this man now I don’t have to support sledgehammer in their shitty game

  16. How can people just overlook that the Battlepass is getting more and more locked towards players buying the actual Multiplayer games connected to Warzone – They are doing everything in their power to force people into buying their crap!

    They talk about anticheats – Doesnt work!

    Improvements – We get Godzilla and Kong!

    Game is a damn milking cow!

  17. I fuck with how direct he is and he isn’t using to much energy it’s nice and relaxed.

    Subbed and looking forward to the next content

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