Xbox Series S | The House of the Dead remake | Graphics test/First Look

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  1. Too bad there is no lightgun,that ruins it for me.i'd rather play the wii or dreamcast version

  2. As much as I love the House of the dead games, there is no way I could enjoy playing them without a light gun. Pointless release

  3. OMG, Im freaking out I was just a stupid child when I learned about this game and now im a stupid adult and love they are making a remake

  4. I played House of the dead on Sega Saturn, and House of the dead 2 on Sega Dreamcast. Both with lightguns.

  5. A little disappointed it's not more optimized for the series consoles. That said I can already see it looks and loads better then the switch version. So that makes me happy ^^ thanks for the upload. Will definitely be picking it up. Especially now that iv seen it runs better then the switch version.

  6. on the playstation 4 version u can use the move controller i think the gun work as well wit the ps4 version as well

  7. Seriously a pointless release. Who releases a rail shooter with no fuckin light gun? 30$ 😂😂 love hotd but this is just a waste of time unfortunately. Could’ve made a brand new hotd as a first person shooter(but obv that’s completely missing the point lol)

  8. I’m sorry this is 100% a waste of 30$. Wait for gamepass everybody. Please don’t encourage completely pointless remakes

  9. Wow, didn't even know about this game. Loved Blue Estate so will definitely pick this up. Ik how van jouewwwwwweeee

  10. Thanks for the video, thought it was Switch only. Downloaded it right away. Love your vids, just enjoying the games, not trying to be all IGN about it.

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