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Here are 15 things you didn’t know your Xbox could do! Get a Xbox Series X – Get a Xbox …


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  1. Is love to start playing games again but I can't till stuff in the East settle down. Got to be ready move when shtf.

  2. I have the Xbox chatpad & I have programmed the x1 & x2 buttons for years.

    The x1 is set to open Friends guide & the x2 is set to open the achievements鈥
    It鈥檚 to bad the OFFICIAL XBOX chatpad is no longer available

  3. Can you make it so notifications are only off when you're on certain apps? I'd like to have them on normally but when I'm watching shows or movies I'd like them to default off.

  4. Just got the 1tb expansion card for my X for 139.00 plus tax!
    Walmart had the 512gb price sticker on the box. Yes had to argue their own policies but when the GM saw the picture since they ripped off the sticker.
    She was like yeah sell it to him for that.

  5. U should tell ppl about the ramifications of "instant on" like the wear and tear on your console from it never shutting down. Like a phone or cpu it needs to be restarted/shutdown more than just every now and then.
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  6. Pressing the Xbox button with the series x has always switched inputs automatically since day one. Do they mean that this now works on older consoles?

  7. Rewards are definitely worth it. I no longer use bing on my phone but when I did back in the day, I鈥檇 get enough points that I once went 4 years in a row without paying a cent for Live Gold and still had some points left over that I could buy a few indie games or one blockbuster game on sale (around $40-50

  8. Did you wake up late that day? The 1950s called and they want their pajamas back!! lol Love your vids, keep up the good work!

  9. I've been using the reward points for a couple of years, free game pass and a 拢5 voucher every month 馃憣

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