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Nu: Carnival is the hottest new BL Game sweeping the internet to have the Girls & Gays ready to pay to play. So after being incessantly nagged for months, in this video we finally take the plunge into the viral gay game that everyone’s talking about to see what all the hype is about. Watch as we enter the Yarichin Club Meets Isekai Gacha GAYme first thru peeking at its VERY NSFW website and then thru the also very NSFW game itself (but edited safely for YouTube of COURSE). Experience all the hot boys from femme boy vampire Aster, to secretly fluffy Incubus boy Morvay. From the shy snake sagittarius Yakumo to fairy ranmaru rip off Edmond. From Holy in more ways than one Olivine to perpetually tired and sweaty Quincy. From Sankaku twin Kuya to Kingdom Hearts wolfboywife Garu (and even his nobody Garux). From hot main self insert character Eiden to new character Blade to the ROIDED OUT FERRET?! And most of all – witness the STRUGGLE of someone playing this endless battle of a game for the first time – Pokemon has some serious competition.

Intro – 0:00
Website – 0:56
Gameplay – 5:40

Watch Unedited:

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  2. Me: Been into gacha game with grind endgame…
    Also me in this game: At this point, don't care for the H anymore, just battle and grind. 😤

  3. Am i the only who is having issues downloading the game??? Any tips would be great! I really want to play it

  4. Uhmm am I the only one that realized that Garu freakin looks like Jay from the otome game Blood in Roses???? They legit are wearing almost the same clothes…

  5. This game is surprisingly difficult considering all of us are here for the porn 😭 Some of the event stuff made me strategize like this was a FGO Challenge quest

  6. I also love that not every character is a top, but two of them are bottoms (guess who). That means, Eiden is a switch and I'm here for it.

  7. I got into it for the guys but got quickly turned off by how much of a grind it is. Also I auto quest function which makes the grind worse and the good stuff is locked behind you getting the SSR stuff.

    Also it does get way hard quickly as enemies out leave pretty fast, which again feeds into the grind that it doesn’t really make easier. Literally every gacha I’ve played has auto quest but this one can’t be bothered. Also how pretty much the game is saying to spend as the memory crystals to raise star rating can only be gained through summoning.

    So as hot as the characters are and believe me I held out as long as I could for Quincy, there are too many glaring problems I can’t overlook.

  8. I didn't even realize but I've been watching all the xxx scenes from an illegal website lmao

  9. I installed this game for Quincy. However, I got that blue-haired bottom. Uninstalled immediately.

  10. Every time you reference Bleach I get more and more excited for TYBW arc
    Please let time go faster >w<

  11. I have all H scenes on a google drive link. Who wants?
    I feel as if I'm saying: Hey kid… Want some drugs?

  12. TikTok: it’s fetishizing MLM(the same people who would say that but also to fetishized any gay relationships)
    People: still play it

  13. deadass started playing for "the art" and now im skipping scenes cus my completion brain kicked in and i just. wanna. get. stronger. Didnt expect this game to actually be kinda hard but i aint mad abt it lol

  14. Did you know There’s a H scene so you just go to chapter one and scroll down. Until you see H scene and you’ll get some juicy juicy. If ya know what I mean.

  15. I had no idea you knew A3! till you said "SANKAKU!" aND WOW I LEAPED FOR JOY!! I'M ALWAYS SO HAPPY TO SEE A3! BEING MENTIONED 💕💕

  16. I liked this video only for the Jim from Koroshi Ai refference since I feel that is accurate. But, dang this game has a battle system and a gatcha? I was more interested in the characters for obvious reasons. I hope the plot is good…I don't know if I should expect much.

  17. The game is literally driving me nuts sometimes lol but i enjoyed every second of it, The way they animated the characters to look gay is hilarious to me haha its a very entertaining game😂

  18. Me watching the gameplay near the end: “Aaaannddd that’s most R-18 Nutaku games”

    Stilll Me: … And I’m gonna fall for it again.

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