Battlefield 2042 Five Months Later – Still not worth it | Battlefield 2042 Gameplay

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Battlefield 2042 continues to deliver updates to fix what was an atrocious launch… But there’s no denying that the quantity, and contents of the updates are nothing short of lacking. Returning to the game 5 months later, has only confirmed that much more how much longer the game needed in development. If you enjoyed the video backhand that like button! Feedback is always appreciated.






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  1. When World War 3 comes out of beta and free to play, the 5 players left playing this game are gonna jump ship at the speed of light.

  2. Pre-order people should have learned this lesson many many years ago. This has been an on going thing around many games.

  3. It is on the rise World War 3. They deserve to no one even playing this game. People paid for a product that never been delivered in the first place. they lied with videos, payed reviews just so they can deceive people. I no longer purchase or play a game from EA since the Anthem disaster.

  4. EA said after all these, they have many other IPs beside battlefield.
    I guess they should change their company name too so that people will forget them.

  5. LONG POST. So I agree with most of what you are saying but I deviate on a couple things. BF is in the state its in, because of us consumers and more so the streamers and Youtubers. BF has released broken since BC2, and for the most part it takes 6 months to a year before the players flood back in, as at that point most the bugs are fixed and some DLC has dropped. This is further increased by the videos of youtubers and streamers letting the community know and SEE the changes, sparking interest to return or even purchase of the game, like I probably will once the game is in a better state and on sale. This practice that is still happening right now, is one of the reasons why DICE and EA know they can get away with bad releases.

    Now most content creators and streamers that cover BF either sparingly or full time, tend to have been playing BF for a while, most of them, for over 10 years. And seeing as every single BF game on release, in that time frame, has been unplayable for at least a few days for a large portion of people, these content creators know to expect a buggy or even unplayable game from DICE and EA on release, and to expect anything else is just naive with so much data stating the opposite.

    So when you have content creators and consumers all with 10 years or more experience with BF releases being broken, and they still go out and buy the product day 1 or even pre order, through your wallet you are telling DICE and EA, this is ok and don't change because we will still buy it. And what makes the content creators more guilty on this aspect is that the majority of CC with experience do not warn the community before its release, and instead hype them up for the release and freely advertise this game to their communities who are some times young kids who do not know any better or new players to the series who do not have the information to make the right choice. And then only after they have played the game for a while do they let people know not to the play the game and start to critique DICE and EA for doing the same thing they have done the last 15 years.

    BF is not going to collapse. its going to keep going for a very long time, just like COD. Because gamers, and content creators will continue to buy this series on name power alone, and the content creators will keep hyping the trailers to their communities, because that is their job. BF is a perfect test case of what is happening in the gaming industry as a whole, as this is not a DICE and EA issue, or even a AAA issue. Its an industry wide issue that will never change because we keep telling them through purchases that its ok to release broken games, with no content filled with cash grabs, ingame purchases and gambling.

    I don't blame content creators, its their job to do what they do, and many of them help consumers find new games or make a choice on game they are on the fence for. Its just that they are exacerbating an issue that many of them are complaining about, with taking any steps on their end to mitigate their impact on their community buying games with bad reputations. We as the community, myself included, are the major reason the gaming industry is the way it is today, because we paid them to be.

  6. I honestly laugh every time I see a shit EA release, not just Battlefield. And let's be honest, most EA releases are shit. Only reinforces my commitment to boycott their titles. Been proudly doing so since BF3.

  7. I enjoy going with “still not worth it” vs click-bait “is it worth it” 🤣👍🏼 Respect

  8. I say you your are either brave, or a masochist. For getting your self the courage to play that broke Game they call BattleField. lol

  9. The moment I saw "specialists" I knew this game was not for me. I came for a battle between Russians and Americans, between soldiers.Not a bunch of weird people that have dozens of clones and make it sound like they just got out of the childrens's playground at the end of a bloody battle. If I wanted hero shooters I wouldn't have bothered at all with Battlefield.

  10. tbh at this point they're probably just gonna unofficially abandon the game, fix the bugs, change a few things and re-release it as the next title in a year or two

  11. Why on earth would any gamer on the planet want new content while a game is in a bad state, they've done the right thing and it shows because the game is now in a solid place and will be ready for new content soon as it's clearly more stable, not hard to see that they've done the right thing here by delaying season 1.

  12. The roadmap for 2042 this year looks promising, if they can deliver what's been talked about. More defined classes sounds like a solid start to me.

  13. How many more decennia need to pass before youtubers/gamers stop being surprised about EA screwing them over.

  14. Wild to think it’s been 5 months already holy shit. I really wanted this game to do well because I really enjoyed the setting but I don’t think they’re going to pull a no mans sky

  15. Battlefield 2 Xbox 360 was the game back in the day. Clan matches every night and we only accepted match requests from the top 15 clans. Lots of losses but way more wins as my clan had a 5-1 win loss ratio. I have yet to have as much fun as the fun that was clan matches.

    BFBC 1 was a lot of fun too, my second fav battlefield. I had no life back then and was top 15 on 4 leaderboards for the xbox360

    I am also saddened at what battlefield has become and bummed out that 2142 turned out like it did. I wanted to buy 2142 and enjoy it but it’s definitely not the game for me

  16. I have not played it but I hope that they get back on their feet as I am still hoping they become the largest franchise on the market for this kind of game tbh. They just need to be more detailed with when they can release shit

  17. Neither EA or gamers will learn anything from this. New cinematic will drop in 1-2 years, everyone will pre-order another broken alpha, whine and uninstall then repeat.

  18. BF: BC2 and BF3 were the epitome for me. Sad that they have consistently failed to bring that atmosphere back to their games.

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