Battlefield 2042 is finally on the right track.

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Battlefield 2042 may finally be on the way up after the patch today. Over 400 bug fixes went live along with some secret upgrades and changes to the game for the better. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.


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  1. I still haven't forgiven Dice for the absolutely disastrous Christmas launch of battlefield 4… multiplayer matchmaking, totally broken for the entirety of the holiday period.

  2. It really is! I'm having a gosh darn, rootin' tootin' , barn dance burnin' good time, agin. YeeeeeeeeHAW! 

    Now, git out there 'n' make a mess why don'tchya caballero? Go on……GIT!

  3. Has nothing to do with the patch but I have to mention again that the graphics look gorgeous (in this video) with 1440p and Ultra settings…

  4. Hmm I wonder if this grandad will lock on to the helo on the other side of the map… doesn’t lock on… why isn’t it locking on?? Hm maybe it’s out of range

  5. Anyone else has the issue of the aim for the tanks and the Wildcat being off to the left where the rounds will eventually land? Is this included in the new update? Seems stupid to me

  6. They needed to take out the bot , because it’s only fun if I know I owned someone elts behide a nother controller, also smaller maps, more stuff in the map , more balanced to weapons, more gritty gray vibe not a cod vibe graphics , a official hard core mode , and a rank mode integrated into it would be amazing, and just get rid of these maps , have only soldiers maps. More anti aircraft vehicles. Snipers should be one shot on torso and head . Guns like the M4 or a ar 15 shouldn’t have so much recoil(better recoil control). Better aim assist. And better snapping on targets

  7. I’m actually excited to try this. I can get past a lot of the issues people have with this game, but the performance and bugs made it unplayable for me. Also so hyped for the vehicle grappling finally working properly

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