Battlefield 2042 News – Blizzard Found! – Weather Effects Leaked | BATTLEFIELD

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Battlefield 2042 Weather Effects is pretty cool! The Tornado & Sandstorm but now a Blizzard for the map Breakaway have been found! Release in May Update perhaps?! What would you like to see for weather events in the game? 🙂



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  1. All the weather effects people said, and day night cycles to make flashlights useful and a reason to add night vision

  2. If you look in the background of the 2042 menu screen now you will see Ice Mountains in the background.

  3. I think the weather is a bad thing in 2042, imo it don't really bring anything good to the game, it just makes performance worse. Great video man as always

  4. Crazy thunderstorm would be cool or some strong mist fog something the gives atmosphere to the location.

  5. The game looks worse than BF4. There's no dynamic nothing.. the matches are like 5 to 9 minutes. Dreadful! Where's the custom servers conquest 24/7 500 ticket's , 30 minute to one hour gameplay matches there would be plenty place for Dynamic a weather system.

  6. I need a Fiery tornado, Tsunami or Fiery Tsunami)))) just kidding, Well, and all sorts of other weather or earth elements

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