Battlefield 2042 Paid Content Leaks – Ubisoft Up For Sale – Today In Gaming

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Battlefield 2042’s upcoming microtransactions were datamined, revealing weapon, soldier, and vehicle cosmetics, plus in-game currency items and XP boosts

00:00 Intro
00:11 Battlefield 2042 paid content datamined
02:07 Halo Infinite’s season 2 roadmap frustrates players
03:03 Ubisoft looking to be bought out
04:22 Apex Legends Saviors season update revealed
04:46 STALKER 2 development studio GSC Game World has their website banned in Russia
05:16 Diablo Immortal is coming to PC
06:02 Borderlands 3 finally getting PlayStation crossplay support
06:22 New Agent for Valorant
06:56 Elden Ring gets “seamless co-op” mod
07:54 Valve updates Steam Deck Docking Station


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  1. Great I’m
    Glad dice is working on micro transactions on their fucked up And broken game I’m glad I won’t be downloading a waste of space into my console

  2. I couldn't give a shit about battlefield anymore. They are nowhere near the same team that brought us the battlefield series. And I truly believe that they don t give a shit either. So they won t be getting anymore of my money.

  3. Do they seriously think that people are going to buy these shitty cosmetics in BF2042? I'm blown away.

  4. Like your content. Really miss squad up. But battlefield 2042 is a hopeless game. I hope they remake 2142

  5. EA/Dice continue to launch games like BF in incomplete states, launching early just to please their stockholders and never their paying customers :/

  6. I’m not giving EA a single dollar more on BF2042. As long as there are specialists in a BF game, I’m not playing it.

  7. literally the only thing that has made an actual difference was them adding a scoreboard, but it should've been in the game from launch and now that it is in the game. There's still just way too much to fix. It's Dead on release, not only did it release way too early, but they had us beta test something months before the release that had bug fixes already patched until we got to play they game and there were even more issues that we couldn't tell them about since we got an old copy of the game to play test. I am not going into detail with the rest on vehicles, guns, sound design, map design, etc. The game was not ready for release and they did not listen at all to players for months and only wanted to chastise players for not loving their complete waste of a game that needed way longer to develop and release. DICE can make a pretty game, but they've lost all hope with their main team in making a Fun game with love put into it. Just as almost every other AAA titles that release has lost the same and come out in just as terrible of a state. Unlike the Battlefield team though, there are far and few that actually work on improving their game with the passion and promises the likes of No Man's Sky. Except 2042 is a failure in our eyes and theirs. Therefore they will most likely abandon the game after a year of supporting the title like they have with other titles in the series already.

  8. they need a lot of problems fixed one being the air vehicle problem, the stinger only starts to lock at 300 meters, its far to short on as well as choppers and planes have near instant refill of flares. so when air nerds get going nearly impossible to counter.

  9. 2042 is dead. To boot they will plug MTs in this dead game? EA is just a Tik Tok meme right now. They simply lost touch with reality.

  10. Dice is a bit special. I can’t believe that they think adding more specialists is a good idea when everyone wants less of them.
    If a pile of horse manure on the footpath is a problem then adding more piles from difficult horses is not really the best way to fix it

  11. Ubisoft being up for sale is such a fucking meme… how can you possess such talented team and developed pipeline to provide some of the best animations in the industry and fail to create a game that isn't mediocre at best… Ubi can easily make a decent game if they just get rid of their current game designers and leaders – someone is signing off on all these terrible decisions…

  12. They had one job. Just to make a Battlefield 4 Remastered. Instead i see cosmetics and microtransaction , when i have to choose only 22!!!! guns and 4 !!!! very laaaarge maps.

  13. I really want EA to work on the game it is great experience after playing COD for years now I don't play it all!

  14. I love how 343 literally had years to Produce Infinite and its still a half made POS even worse than Cyberpunk 2077.
    HORRIBLE nonsensical campaign empty boring copypasted map, boring bugg riddn PvP. A worse game than Halo 5 in literally everyway AND they literally drop Halo's MAIN FUCKING STORY for some trash totally inferior soft reboot.
    How many game franchises are going to be thrown in the garbage because gaming companies cant do their job anymore? Its so weird no other industry in the world can do this. People literally buy broken unfinished shit for top dollar and its just legal… how the FUCK!!! is this ok? The entire gaming community is literally being scammed.
    Theres no other word for it. The gaming industry is now a scam. How is this our future? Where almost every company in the world can just steal and scam with impunity. Whats more sickening is how pathetically some people will still defend it, blatantly toing the line for companies who intend to steal from us all….*WINK FUCKING *WINK

  15. Everyone: Remove the specialists from the game and give us back the operators.
    DICE: We've listened to your feedback and will add another specialist to the game.

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