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Brand New Big Games Announced & LEAKED (New Tomb Raider Game, Next Ghost Recon & More)

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New Tomb Raider Game, Next Ghost Recon Game, max payne remake & more!
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00:00 Intro
01:25 Next Tomb Raider
03:12 Unreal Engine 5
04:03 Next Need for Speed Game 2022
05:16 New Ghost Recon
06:40 Other Ubisoft Games

07:26 Max Payne Remake

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  1. I personally would really like to see a remaster of midnight club Los Angeles. that game is awesome. 🙂👍🏻

  2. I'm just so sad Sony messed up with Bend Studio. Everyone wants Days Gone 2. Days Gone was so good and the story and characters are amazing 😭

  3. I'm still hoping Sam Fisher will come back with an all new Splinter Cell. In reality he would probably be in his late 70's early 80's and still be able to kick the shit out of the bad guys…js

  4. 20 Tomb Raider games yet only the 3 newer games are easily accessible. Square Enix and Crystal dynamics need to get their ass in gear and start releasing ports/remasters of tomb raider

  5. Start a video oh with an unreal engine game nothing mentioned about tomb raider and now it's tomb raider seriously seriously stop lying to Get views only you do a great job but this is Bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. What the f*** do you mean finally moving on to next gen only have you not paid attention there's been a s*** ton already they said give us 2 years you don't need a new box for 2 years a year after they were making series x only games but you talk about finally never mind there's still millions of people that can't find a series unless they want to get the garbage s what a selfish gamer ….((((downvote)))))

  7. You know gaming s*** when all you have to look forward to is a choose your own adventure an interactive movie if you will that's not a game and everything you talked about after that's just a sequel of a too long running franchise for franchises people are getting bored of what is going on in gaming why do we have 10 million sequels gaming is really dry anymore I miss the old days when they weren't afraid to try new IPS or new things and this will be the downfall of gaming I mean that shawty console and controllers shawty games extremely too expensive Micro transactions
    And now they're trying to put nfts in more and more single player games or getting these ridiculous micro transactions gaming is on its way to dead for the second time

  8. I want a tomb raider with the mansion as a base and you can get clothes to keep in closet to choose before missions just for and collect things to decorate mansion for like a break in game!!

  9. Warriors remake would be great.
    And Definitely Wanting reveal of New Ghost Recon Order Project this year even if it's short cinematic trailer or Ubisoft development studio update.

  10. I'm mainly an Xbox user but Days Gone is one of My favourite games, I've just played through it again and I'm really gutted Sony cancelled DG2.

  11. Hey Joe Raptor just letting you know people are using your channel image to say people are winning stuff

  12. I kind of seen this coming with rockstar with
    Remakes I think rockstar took a hit after losing houser and lazlow and I don't think rockstar will never be the same after the departure of it's true talent, I feel as though RDR2 was there swan song and as sad as it is to say I don't think rockstar will be able keep productions as creative or as inventive as they once were, I mean GTA trilogy,than GTA V, and now max Payne.. I mean I love those games but I think rockstar has hit it's stride and IMO GTA 6 will be a lackluster experience in comparison with GTA V, IV, RDR 1, 2i think we are going to get delay after delay with GTA 6 and during that time we will get remake after remake or remaster after remaster of rockstars earlier titles until eventually GTA 6 releases and it's not what we thought or wanted it to be again this is just my opinion but I am hoping I am wrong

  13. Yo bro, where are you from? I'm usually very good at figuring accents out but yours stumps me. I love accents from all over. It's one of the great things of our planet..👍

  14. would love to see Rockstar give some actual love to Red Dead Online for a change.. there's so much potential for that game.. stuff they could add in to draw old players back into the game as well as brand new players, like player housing for one where players could have their own ranch or a manor house in town or just something. And for the love of god get rid of the peer to peer connections to help stop all the damned hackers from plaguing the game! My wife and I couldn't even play the game when we first tried it because hackers would keep spawning bears on us or placing lit sticks of dynamite in our inventories so we'd just explode instantly over and over again. Rockstar NEEDS to do something rather than the big fat nothing they appear to be doing before RDO loses all its players.

  15. Yesss…. I really can’t wait to lay my eyes 👀 on some more sexy Lara goodness 😘👌. In next generation graphics‼️😍

  16. RockStar needs to focus on Red Dead Redemption 3 and GTA 6. I don't really want to see them give RDR3 to another studio because honestly I don't know another company that would or could put the quality into it that Rockstar put into RDR2 which, in my subjective opinion, is still the GOAT and I am currently playing Elden Ring and, yes, still think RDR2 is better. I just would hope that they don't let another company nerf it the way they let RDR2 be hamstrung by their partner.

  17. The last 3 tomb raiders didn't deserve the name its lost its magic big tombs that take multiple levels to complete but it became uncharted but female so I'm not holding my breath

  18. how much money Ubisoft had to create unpopular F2P games lol they never give up, what about make R6S to be F2P and change operator to be gatcha, maybe they will got more players from west taiwan lol

  19. Ive started watching your channel while playing Forbidden West! Nice to put a face to the voice. Keep up the great content!

  20. I’ve had the dawn of ragnarock Since release all pre ordered and everything and I’ve still got no interest in playing it lol guess I got more money than sense 😂

  21. i loved the reboot trilogy maybe it wasn't as memorable as some games but it was super fun while playing.

  22. Why not give L.A. Noire to eidos Montreal cause imo they always make one hell of a game and obviously if the budget is high then all sorts of things are possible but yeah imo eidos might be great contender for LA Noire.

  23. Hi I have new game idea I CAN CREATED from scratch. if you agree for partnership I can discuss about it . Thanks

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