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DANCE FLOWER, DANCE! | DinnerTime Gaming Plays Pokemon Legends: Arceus

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DinnerTime Gaming Plays Pokemon Legends: Arceus!

#ep15 #Pokemon #Acreus

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  1. I’m honestly surprised they stopped the tangela doesn’t exist joke. I was waiting for them to talk about the game having glitches

  2. 43:49 Is so funny that he said that considering that the plot of the latest Digimon episode revolved a round a Digimon ate peoples head trying to kill the main cast.

  3. kirran: i dont get y markiplier gets a pass for pokemon smash but when i do im weird.
    lilligant gets legs
    also kirran: i like this lilligant

  4. ok i can't be the only one that's seeing crazy cameltoe on the player character sometimes, right?
    i noticed a few videos ago but i didn't wanna say anything.
    38:06 48:49
    i mean come on, i'm not just some crazy perv right? at least tell me im not crazy!

  5. What does Tangrowth taste like? Well considering that Tangela vines takes kind of like mint, I'm gonna guess probably a strong minty or spearmint taste.

  6. About Alphas seeing you in tall grass, I think it has to do with your position. If you move to a different spot after you throw the ball, they tend not to spot you.

  7. Okay, question. WHY are they calling them pokemon in this setting? I mean, the invention of the Pokeball is VERY recent, so why are they already pocket monsters?

  8. When you get close to pokemon like that they become shy and shrink, that is what is happening not that they are disappearing but that they are just shy and shrinking down to avoid contact

  9. A Charmander who get hit by a rockslide would definitely die if it was wild, they wouldn't have a way to get out of it via pokeball so they would be trapped in the rubble. There are many examples in Pokemon where the pokemon actually die.

  10. @23:20 Wild pokemon drop their items where they are and your pokemon picks them up and brings them to you at the end of battle. However if your pokemon is fainted at the end of the battle all the drop items will remain in the field and you have to pick them up yourself. I think its kind of a cool and sensible mechanic.

  11. Also, pretty sure (though no official word) the 'cowboy' kid (really that's more a Crocodile Dundee hat, not so much a cowboy hat) is pronounced "l'yawn" (like the Chinese name), not "LEE-un" (like a mispronunciation of Liam). And Kamado is "KAH-muh-d'oh", not "kuh-MAH-d'oh", it's like Tanjiro in Demon Slayer.

  12. Pretty sure Diamond and Pearl clans are basically the Ainu, since the game is set in the Pokeverse's version of Meiji era Hokkaido which is basically where the Ainu came from before the Yamato people (essentially precursors to modern Japanese) and Russians moved into the Ezo region (Hokkaido, Kamchatka peninsula, Khabarovsk Krai, Sakhalin Island, Kuril Islands). So the whole 'they're the native people of this land, and we're, um, getting them to work for us willingly, wink wink' gag is pretty close to the real-world historical basis for those clans.

  13. You guys should talk to Laventon when he's in his office some time. He gives you a couple of cool things

  14. I never noticed how much I missed someone talking on the end screen. Grant saying bye made this video even more satisfying.

  15. Cyllene: Your rank is high enough to go to the Coastlands
    Kirran and Grant: Wait, I don't think we can go, we need another star?????

  16. To be fair Luxray looks part Dark. I thought it was Electric/Dark until I played Brilliant Diamond

  17. Big pet peeve of mine in games is when they fade out a model when I'm trying to get the camera really close to it. Most annoying in something like total war, because the threshold for fading it out is actually pretty far away.

  18. Practically everything I know about the pokemon universe comes from watching your nuzlocks, but I always kinda wondered if the fights were real, fainted pokemon were actually killed, and the fact that they can be revived was actually because pokeballs break them down to energy and store them as data. So it keeps an image of the pokemon's state when it was last alive on file, and the revive or pokemon center just resets the ball to the previous image.

    The fact that you need a revive or a pokemon center could be because those provide extra energy to reconstitute the pokemon in its original live state, since a dead pokemon might not retain enough biomass/poke power to reconstitute its full living form.

    There's probably a lot of holes in that theory, and it would be decidedly not kid friendly if it were true.

  19. You joke about people dying in Digimon, but in Digmon Ghost Game (the newest season as of time of writing this) has legit human deaths. Started out implied, but getting less and less subtle each episode.
    Including a very crunchy sounding death in Episode 21.

  20. Items from wild Pokémon come directly to you when you win the fight. Your Pokémon fainted before the Honchkrow fainted, so you didn’t have an active battler. That’s why it fell to the ground instead.

  21. *Sees the title*….*Sudden flashbacks to KH2's Demyx shouting 'Dance water, dance!" over and over and over again*.

  22. Is it just me finding "Do you want Kleavor? We can get him right now we have all the stuff to evolve him, we can do it this episode." in EVERY episode to be hilarious? An unintentional brick joke born out absentmindedness.

  23. With you guys joking about people dying in Digimon, it's funny this video came out the day after a person died by having their head eaten off in a new digimon episode.

  24. "The world is so big and you are so small"- Kirran to his tiny, child, probably very nice, cousin.

  25. If I did not already have Decidueye is my party I would have had a Lilligant in it, but I didn't want to have two Grass/Fighting types in my main party at once.

  26. Why… why are they saying people die in digimon like its a joke? A vampire goes around drinking peoples blood and just leaving thier dead bodies on the ground. A city gets leveled at one point! 😆

  27. standard pokemon moves are the pokemon are them holding back, a burn in pokemon is basically a first-degree at worse. If Strong style pokemon moves are likely the attacks closer to full power if not full power. Trainer pokemon faint and after that they are unwilling to battle, like it's saying fuck this shit Im tired I still feel light headed I want a nap.

  28. I love the game as a whole, I'm not a fan of the real time battles against the kings, mainly because I'm not good at it 😛
    I get why they're there, and I agree that they're a nice addition, I just don't like action-rpgs, I'm more of a turn-based guy 🙂

  29. I used to have a Pokemon handbook (don't know exactly where it came from) and so did my younger siblings. But we lost 2 of them and the other had something spilled on it..

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