Disgaea 6 Complete – Hololive Trailer | PS5, PS4

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Devastate your enemies in style with these dazzling Hololive costumes and voices! These are included as part of Disgaea 6 Complete, so you can add some flair to your fighters right when you dive in, dood! Coming June 28, 2022 to PS5 and PS4!


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  1. For those who wonder about Rushia. According to nis, “all DLC content material is in keeping with the former unlock on Nintendo Transfer.” She confirmed up as and voiced the Succubus Ruusha..

    She's still in the game, just not marketed as hololive.

  2. I really sad that Rushia won't be added.
    I am aware that her contract got terminated 2 months ago but it hurts.

  3. Am i the only one that thinks Polka's attack reminds of the one spongebob Scene where He cleans the dishes?

  4. Heard it was meant to be coming to PS4 but I was starting to give up on it ever coming. Definitely going to be pre ordering this and the fact that it's got hololive dlc is even better.

  5. My only regret is I wish Polka went into her deep voice when actually unleashing her special attack, but it's super fun to see these colors and voices!

  6. Kinda sad that they didn't include Rushia in the advertisement despite her actually having a role here.

  7. i have a question though
    its expected they didn't show Rushia's character ( afterall, Hololive is no longer able to promote her since her termination ) but I am hoping Rushia still on the DLC since it was on the English Switch release and the Japanese version of D6 on PS4

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