Dying light 2

Dying Light 2 New Game Plus Volatile Chase You In Lvl 1 Now?

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In this video we showcase volatiles chase you in Lvl1 in dying light 2 New Game Plus!

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  1. DL1 is a game of horror with parkour, dl2 is a game of zombies with parkour and I really don't like that, I love it DL1 because of the fear it give you, over time you would take courage and would explore the night, that literally increases you courage in real life. In the 2 you don't have that, it's like they decrease the horror because of some cowards that complained the game were much scare. At least with that update, I hope things got much scarier.

  2. Yeaa maybe it’s not a good idea to rush into new game plus with basically no inhibitors and money..

  3. Don't they spawn normally in newgame+ without being in a chase?

    Also, go have revenge on those who killed you .

  4. Be cool if they brought back the x ray with survivor sense and when you hit enemys they go slow mo xray and you see what bone your breaking

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