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Elden Ring: 10 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do

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Elden Ring (PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S/One) is filled with various small tricks and moments you possibly didn’t even notice. Here are some things you can do and see that you may not’ve realized.
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  1. Maybe it's an irrational pet peeve of mine but these names are mentioned in game by voice actors and their pronunciation is not ambiguous. It's nails on the brain chalk board to hear narrators of these articles who supposedly love the games mispronounce things in the game that are right there many times in voice dialog. It makes me think that you haven't actually played the games and don't actually care about the content of your article, as if you're just regurgitating stuff you read online.

  2. Theres literally a blue line of gas/cloud you walk on on these "invisible" bridges. Youre just not looking good enough

  3. The multi-hit walls and invisible bridges were put the deliberately – once you know about them, you'll be more likely to test "try jumping" and "secret passage ahead" troll messages, just in case…

  4. I'm loving this game, it's not perfect but close. It could use a quest log and a few minor things but overall easily my GOTY.

  5. I did NOT get that chrystal tear from the church…I definitely killed the invader and didn't get the item…WHY?

  6. I'm sure there's already a comment on it, but in Aruiza Hero's Grave, if you stand where he is at 4:54 and use to Margit's shackle item, you can circumvent this entire dungeon by destroying the chariots early. Normally you would have to go around and hit one of those imp fire traps to expose the light that causes the chariots to crash, but Margit's shackle has a large, invisible aoe that hits it through the wall. Because of this, you can also use the shackle to raise other fire traps or expose invisible walls in a wide area. Alternatively, you can use raptor of the mists to dodge through the chariots. You're welcome.

  7. Protip: For Number 6 use the special ability from the ice axe, more comfortable than that shiny stones.

  8. You actually don't need to defeat the dragon to use the needle, as soon you spawn in the arena you can use the needle

  9. Did you know you can escape chest traps before the fog takes you? Just roll away the second you see smoke and you'll get away.

  10. Lmao how is no one talking about how the law of regression one is actually apart of gold masks questline

  11. Thanks Gameranx, been following since I was a kid. Now I’m into my 2nd year at Uni! Thanks for keeping my study sessions a actual fun brain break and for being a voice in the backround when I was studying by myself

  12. Think about it. You save melina from burning with 0 side effects cause you are no longer the lord of frenzied flame

  13. Running in scarlet and poison is an option. You can run through it. You just need to lvl up past the 150 limit that everyone is stopping at.

  14. Bloodstain animations count as slain enemies for equipment that heals you like Serpent-God's Curved Sword. Accident deaths at least

  15. So I did the illusionary wall at volcano manor and I got kicked from online play, not sure if there was a different reason but I got tired of trying to log in and went to bed, the next morning I was able to log in. I'm not sure what happened behind the scene but it fixed it self, just be careful!

  16. The multi chariots in the auriza hero grace can be destroyed if you use mohg’s shackle in every room before leaving the archway that leaves to the double chariot road, log out from the game, log back in, and then inch your way out towards the road. The shackle triggers the fire trap if in a specific spot of the area and you don’t have to run through all the dungeons abuse minus the basilisk hell lol.

  17. Ya can't read, my dude. It's Malenia, not Malania. And it isn't Azuria Hero's Grave, it's Auriza Hero's Grave.

  18. The fact he pronunces melania wrong says a lot about what build he used. "chough" rivers of blood "chough" . Like, I am Mel-ahh-niii-aa, blade of M-i-ka-la.😂

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