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Elden Ring Bleed is Even More OVERPOWERED After Patch 1.04! BEST Elden Ring Bleed Build Guide

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Elden Ring Bleed is Even More OVERPOWERED After Patch 1.04! BEST Elden Ring Bleed Build Guide. We are taking a look at Elden Ring bleed in this video because patch 1.04 changed a lot of stuff around and I’ve noticed many players are switching over to an Elden Ring strength build because they think an Elden Ring bleed build isn’t all that good anymore but one of the buffs made a weapon even more powerful than before. The Elden Ring weapon we’ll be looking at and one that I think is up there as an Elden Ring best weapon is Mohgywn’s Sacred Spear as they buffed the cast speed making the already powerful boss weapon even more powerful and deeming any Elden Ring bleed build still overpowered. You can still run anything for a bleed build but I don’t think the Elden Ring rivers of blood will make the list for the Elden Ring best bleed build anymore. Let me know your thoughts about an Elden Ring bleed build still being good and what you think about this Elden Ring bleed build guide in the comments below 😀

0:00 – Intro
1:08 – Bleed Gear We’re Looking at
3:15 – Bleed Build General Showcase
3:58 – Patch 1.04 Buff Showcase
5:12 – Mountaintops of the Giants General Showcase
6:31 – Mountaintops of the Giants Buff Showcase
7:28 – Closing Thoughts

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  1. Excellent video, the bleeding build is still very strong.
    Is there any chance that you can make a video with some build of the sword of Night and flame that was very broken in its time, to see if all of us who took it to +10 at the time can still take advantage of it. With all the sparches and nerfs that come out, one doesn't know whether to upload a full weapon or not.
    First of all, Thanks.

  2. thats pretty close to what i was running at the end. ROB katana, good faith buffs, a mirror shield in offhand with the scholars shield spell on it, and in 2 full rounds of my ROB skill i literally took off half Godfrey's health. (phase 1 and phase 2 both) was pretty nutty.

    ROB is broken as HELL.

  3. I remember when we all hoped Division 2 would live up to its best potential, and you were still making content for it even tho it was shite. So glad to see you moved on and gaining the following you deserve!!👌

  4. I try all kind of builds & bleed is king ! i tried faith build & I struggled went back to arcane/bleed & no issues

  5. Why are you running a Bandits CS and Scavenger CS instead of 2x one or the other? (Was wondering which CS might be best for bleed builds. Can the Beastman CS compare to the BCS or SCS?)

  6. congratulations on the well deserved 100k subs, cannot wait to see the yt play button. your elden ring content is outstanding, keep up the great work.

  7. The nerf of the dragon communion seal was the status effect scaling. rotten breath for example will do the same damage, but it will take longer to apply scarlet rot.

  8. Why bother with videos testing builds over level 200……anything you respec for will be pretty busted and it barely helps anyone on a new playthrough or ng+ for that matter. It's barely a build and doesn't showcase anything…..especially against those enemies and at that level 🤷🏿‍♂️.

    What do i know, im not the one with the channel. Goodluck though.

  9. I'm really set on powerstanced twinblades with all the talismans and the white mask. you can proc bleed and the multihit talismans with one jump attack, it's pretty scary how fast it melts everything.

  10. In my opinion, I think Rivers of blood is suited to a more Bleed hybrid build when it comes to damage output, flame grant me strength applies the 20% buff to physical damage BUT also the fire damage on ROB which utilises all of the buff. When you add in the extra fire damage from physic flask….legit 2 hit players at 150

  11. I'm still on my first playthrough but I've mostly settled on twin blood curved swords and whips. Mostly use the swords for bosses that aren't immune so I can chew off a 5th of their health when I manage to capitalize on an opening and I switch to the whips when I want to practice social distancing with their insane range (and stun locks!!!). It's stupid that whips do strike dmg and I love it.

  12. Just acquired 2 omenkiller great axes I'm going try with bleed. Running flame strike and hoarfrost on them too for now.

  13. I pretty much been running bandit curved sword with seppuku dual and it's overpowered I like it I've been running it for a week now I dont really need to jump cause its powerful

  14. Got 2 of the swords that the birds at Stormveil Castle have at their feet and they're very good – I put Blood Tax on each and they've a really good Blood Loss Buildup. Might be weapons you want to have a look at…

  15. Dual wield mohgwyns and you can get them to 1500 each pretty easily and do just under 6k dam with one charge heavy into a jump attack, it's a beast weapon

  16. I use 2 Godskin Peelers both with seppuku, talismans with attack power increase with successive hits, bleed talisman, and white mask. They have slightly further reach than curved swords and katanas, RoB does have greater reach with its skill though, but RoB is so boring and everyone uses it because it requires no skill to be good. Nonetheless, great video mate 👌

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