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Elden Ring [Network Test] – Info Overload, PvP, and the Phantom Bloody Finger

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NOTE: Correction – Invasions are 10% down and potentially infinite up (if not 15 levels + 10% up). Didn’t mean to say 2%…also I now realize you didn’t immediately turn human after a boss in DkS1…oops, lol. On top of this it turns out some movesets can stagger you more than 1 hit (no surprise really), and if you’re hit by multiple opponents with heavy weapons at once you can get mega-stunlocked.

I’ll be live here: http://www.twitch.tv/peeve

Expect more Elden Ring content VERY SOON.

Get to the damn gameplay, Peeve! – 27:00

Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/peeverson

Discord – http://www.discord.gg/peeve

VOD Archive – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOLGuRy6fufIynWyOI6DTVg/playlists

Thanks to:

FightinCowboy – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9N0DmacOi4iWKQyygX89OQ

Iron Pineapple – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC477Kvszl9JivqOxN1dFgPQ

Lance McDonald – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkCGO21T72E2hcJyBNzM1gA

Oroboro – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC73Us1H9hxv__5oobyLDOyw

Prod – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI06ztiuPl-F9cSXsejMV8A

Rurikhan – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy9L0ITuHozyqAxW26KPvKg

VaatiVidya – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe0DNp0mKMqrYVaTundyr9w

ymfah – https://www.youtube.com/c/ymfah/videos

…and to Bandai Namco for the opportunity!


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  1. Please check the description for the corrections I came across. I was sleep deprived when writing most of this. Please forgive ☹

  2. Just wanted to let you know you were wrong about the invader color from the trailer. I expect a apology.

  3. Can we please get an Oro & Peeve playthrough of Elden Ring when it launches with the strict requirement that every time Oro is ejected from your game after killing a boss he sprints off into the distance screaming "G'BYE PEEVE!!!!"

  4. Earning attunement slots through the game world instead of through leveling Mind deeply worries me.

  5. HOW TF DID I MISS THIS!?!?!?! PEEVE :DDD Can't believe it! I've missed you my man!

  6. I just wanted to say hey man and that I really missed you. I can't stand twitch but I'm thinking I'm gonna have to make an exception for you. Hope you have been doing well, later bro

  7. After dumping the last few hours into nothing but PvP I’ve come to a few ideas to make invasions more balanced.

    As a whole there needs to be a 3v2 or a 3v3 allowed in the open world. I’ll lean towards the 3v2 since it looks like a lot of people cry about invasions being a thing still, so this is a fair balance though 3v3 would be absolutely amazing and would make for great fight clubs. And to be honest, it’s a missed opportunity in an open world game. But if they keep it to favor the host then invaders flasks should not be halved when entering the world.

    And to those that will say “uSe YoUr EnViRoNmEnT” I can counter that smart people won’t follow invaders so this is easily thrown out the window. And yeah we can try and hunt you down while fighting a mini boss but even then, we as invaders can still take the same amount of damage as a host does when encountering one so it’s a true 50/50 of it being worth it.

    True invaders should be normal color and should not be allowed to harm another true invader. That being said, red summons should be red when summoned and should be summoned where their sign was.

    True combos need to come back. The game is still very poke and run no matter what weapons you use and when going against 3 people, 2 of which spamming magic while the other bum rushes is overly annoying for any invader to try and get through and having something in our pocket to stagger and hyper armor through some of the stuff being thrown at you is fair for both sides.

    I think that once you use the finger that allows you to see summon signs should open you up for invasions. You’re already looking for the help, then we should already be looking for the fight. That being said, the tongue should be incentivized to use for invasions and should have an element that resembles the silver serpent ring in DS3, so that means, after killing an invader, you as a host that has cracked the tongue will now be rewarded with a hefty amount of runes.

    Last but not least I’d like to say one last thing that’s going to be overly controversial but to make things fair for everyone in the game, hosts, summons and invaders, a summoned person should not be more than 20 levels higher than the host with a weapon that goes no higher than +2 of what the host is using, even with passwords.

    It’s fairly easy to level up in this game and having high leveled summons going unchecked in areas of the game will absolutely destroy the longevity of pvp in this game. Again, invaders are already at a huge disadvantage in this game, more so than any others in the franchise and won’t this to flourish for years to come just like DS3.

    I know some squishies out there hate pvp but it is an aspect of the game that many people enjoy and it shouldn’t be swept under the rug just to make casuals more comfortable in their play time. I feel like everything I’ve listed is a fair request and could balance multiplayer as a whole.

  8. the parry & riposte sounds have a LOT more bass than they used to..

    also liking the invasion murder music

  9. The amount of hitstun when getting ganked by 3 people is disgusting. Literally busted with all the magic. Pvp in this game is broken so far

  10. I really hope the arcane stat has something stupid strong/fun tied to it. like an art of war that's like mid game or so that makes your weapon pure arcane and like, it has armor pen or something but lower base damage? idk. I just hope it has fun stuffs.

  11. the cast time for phantom bloody finger should be finger should be way longer so you can't just literally TP away midfight as someones about to kill you Or in the case of said gank squad have it only be usable when you are outnumbered but yeah the cast time for that is Super fast. Hosts are going to hate this and complain so much BTW I know it lol

  12. Peeve Vs. Oro!!
    Am I dreaming!?
    This is so awesome!!
    I feel like I'm on a rollercoaster!!

  13. Sorry Peeve, I didn’t understand one thing:
    How are skill caps behaving for stats?
    Just like DS3’s or further?
    Is 40 the cap for health, stam, strength, dex, faith, int, and arcane?

  14. Can't wait for your PvP content man, and Oros aswell. Your guys fight was a surprise ( Didn't expect that parry in the end lol, thought he got you there.) I can't wait for Vati lore content, and I can't wait for the Iron Pineapple memes 😋

  15. Is the game still overly defensive? In Dks3 the most passive player usually won, just roll forever! In this game it seems like defensive play is a bit more punishable, or at least it seems like it

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