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Elden Ring – POWERFUL One Shot Boss Spell & Buff Combo

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If you want to be overpowered in elden ring and one shot bosses or large health enemies then this elden ring build will be perfect for your mid and endgame farming! In this we use Crystal Torrent to its full effectiveness to destroy any boss or monster in elden ring easy and fast!

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The Best Crystal & Cracked Tears – https://youtu.be/wOSXgU5lBA8

6 Buffs To Make Your Magic OVERPOWERED! – https://youtu.be/3AZ-e7eZGCQ

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  1. Bro with my magic class i could take half of malenias health away with comet azure and the 15 second fp mix, but now malenia heals literally whenever she wants and the mix is now 7 seconds.

  2. There’s another way just press alt and f4 at the same time, you’ll instantly win any fight.
    Sorry but this only works on pc

  3. If you use Rogiers set minus head from sellens questline you could also get another 8%. 2% per piece. If you don't do sellens then 10% if you pop on the hat.

  4. I don't think i can get that charm since Severus is dead. Right? I beat the game and did tons of stuff hit level 208 and been just helping people or doing PvP. I like having objectives in NG+ so not a big deal and I have the two other 8% & 4% ones. I keep typing a lot sorry I had surgery and meds make me haha goofy

  5. Everyone on reddit and discord like… "FP TO DAMAGE RATIOS!"

    Bruh… Idgaf. All I care about is a mob died in 1 cast not 10. This aint an mmo, no need for sustained dps. You have 14 potions. Pop em and blow shit up. Try the moons, they're the hardest hitting single number spells in the game.

  6. The cerulean tear bug i don't believe From Software did this as a mistake..I think it was planned to see how much of the fanbase complains….Think about it a mistake cutting the time in half very interesting surely if it was a bug the cerulean tear would just not work.

  7. Spell meteorite of astel at high level destroys bosses, it is very random where they hit but do massive damage you only got to cast it twice at this level.

  8. I have 99 intelligence lol 🙂 If you have this amount you can destroy bosses anyway.
    I'm on my first playthrough level 200 🙂 Not hit land of the giants neither…Power levelling From Software can't nerf.

  9. Sorceries can actually inflict scarlet rot if you're using the rotten crystal staff btw, so that's a fun bonus id you're going to use a damage spamming sorcery like crystal torrent!

  10. It blows my mind that absolutely NO ONE ever brings up Primal Glinstone Blade I anything ever. As soon as I found it it became a permanent part of my build and almost completely off sets Lusat's increased cost whole keeping it's damage.

  11. A fairly really good Combo i will mention here , but it is an Underdog of a Tactic :

    We all know Mages , even with my character are Low Poised due to having Medium/Light Armor not really Heavy.

    So my approach for a Guaranteed 100% Channeling Kills even with any Sorcery Spell like Azur , Crystal Torrent etc… ( Use Baldachins Blessing , use any of the Great Runes Godrick , Radhan or Morgott's Rune in order to Regain the Life HP cut by Baldachins Blessing ). Now Enter any Boss fights even Elden Beast or Radagon , or basically all Bosses in Elden Ring…. Buff up with Golden Vow , Shabriri's Howl , Ritual Sword , Graven-Mass Talismans etc… Lastly what you want to cast is Baldachins Blessing and then cast the Channeling Spells with the Infinite FP Physique. ( This Tactic kills even the Dragons , Dragonkin Soldiers and any Big Field Bosses while being Stationary as a Mage ). Altho there are 2 Forms of Baldachins Blessings , the improved 1 is only given once i believe when Fia is with Godwyn or before going to her End Questline…. Pro Tip , save that Red Baldachins Blessing for Radagon and Elden Beast NG+'s Runs.

    This method is only Poise assisted , so if you really want to be Rock Solid Stationary i'd say grab Baldachins Blessing…. However it is not really needed but it helps alot specialy with Fast Bosses and NPC encounters like Invaders…. Goodluck 💯

  12. Did they really nerf cerelean tear to just 5 seconds of no fp instead of 10? Umbasa. All hail meteorite staff w rock sling the origins op combo that took all us mages to end game

  13. I swear to god "Crystalians" was a massive missed opportunity to make them horses lol. They should be Crystallions.

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