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Elden Ring – Rare S Tier Strength Scaling COLOSSAL SWORD You Need to Get!

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The Watchdog’s Greatsword is a rare colossal sword in Elden Ring that can go up to S Tier scaling in strength for massive damage! Here’s how to get the Watchdog’s Greatsword in Elden Ring now that Colossal Swords have been buffed in patch 1.04.

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  1. still not better than Guts' greatsword tho
    so it's not worth wasting time trying to farm that weapon since it took me about 30 mins (my stat: 259 discovery) to get 2 of them in the dungeon
    so stick with Guts' greatsword imo

  2. Am I the only one who discovered this guy from early Monster Hunter World and still follow his content?

  3. 41 kills in and I've given up based on some of the reviews of other people I'm seeing. 155k runes though I guess. shrug

  4. What sword and ash of war is the one you using to kill the watchdog , I’ve been wanting that build but I don’t know what it’s called or anything

  5. Boys. I've finally had the RNG gods smile upon me. The first attempt I did to farm this it dropped… I was ready for a few hours like with the blackflame monk armor set

  6. i just got the watch dog great sword and i'm confused, mine is D in strength scaling and its at level 25

  7. i did the Quality affinity over the Heavy, i gave B strength and B dex scaling and have a base AR of 1036 without anything to increase its attack power (i also have 90 strength and 95 dex)

  8. been using this for awhile, its so good! and the design is just really nice, i use a quality build cuz i also duel wield the naginata spears, at +25 it actually does a bit more then my +25 guts sword, both quality and both with my personal favorite Ash of War, Giants Hunt.

  9. I hate this drop chance. Even with arcane @99 I couldn't get the skulls to release Geave Scythe. Dozens of attempts

  10. This is exactly why you shouldn’t chase single stat scaling. Once you hit the soft cap of scaling for that singular attribute and experience diminishing returns you could otherwise further optimize damage increase by leveling its next best scaling trait. If your soft cap is 60 then that sword is useless after 60 since any other weapon would see more dmg increase but furthering it’s next best scaled att. Hence why the sword if night and flame is actually outstanding despite its nerfs. This comment was made by power stance moonveil gang

  11. Thanks for the video, I definitely would have missed this weapon. Thankfully when I went back, I got it on my first try. I hate fighting those dog statues!

  12. I run dual colossal grtswds on 60str and i've found the highest damage for L1 attacks is with Ruins and Royal, plus the Ruins ash is pretty nasty. I tested out several of the col grtswds and even with Grafted Blade's ash buff you still don't get as much damage as Ruins/Royal. I plan to try and get int up to first cap for magic dmg and see where that takes me.

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