Path of Exile

Finishing the Forbidden Eldritch Bosses #138 | Path of Exile

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Path of Exile’s “All4One” Solo Self Found Series:

0:28 – Intro Skip

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  1. "It's a cop out if I don't try" Is 250 meta fights from 1000 with no unique Yeah man I think you tried hard enough already xD.

  2. I’d really love having a small on screen text where the question you’re currently answering is written. I absolutely love the videos and they’re definitely a highlight of my week! Thanks for making psychiatric hospital a bit easier to be in. 🙂

  3. At least the beginning clips (synth etc.) are the same as in the previous episode ô.ô Did the intern fuck up more than just the script for the intro? 😀

  4. Finally done with jewels.
    Now if only green DIY frankensteing monsters gave something….
    This Saturday night could be great – finally can go outside! Only to find out my favourite pub seen better days. So depressing I rather spend another night watching YT.

  5. I literally just rewatched the last AF1 video just sitting here waiting for this. My life is sad, but i am happy.

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