Elder Ring

Helping a Wretch Play Elden Ring – Showdown with Margit

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The Wretch is back and she’s calling on the faithful Access community to help her prepare for an epic showdown with Margit, the Fell Omen. After the succesful beating of the Tree Sentinel, surely the Access community can help her overcome this latest challenge. Join us for the Wretched chaos!

VOD SQUAD UNITE! Watching this after the livestream has happened? Then you’re part of the VOD Squad! Leave us a comment with the hashtag #VODSquad and we could read out your comment in a future livestream. Thanks for joining us!

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  1. Rob singing Happy Birthday as Gollum was brilliant 🤣🤣 also the Troll near the beginning "yeeeesss go on Ash smash his face in" 🤦‍♂️😅

  2. VOD SQUAD AND POD SQUAD! This is just what I needed after a tough day at work! Been watching for years and will be watching for years to come.

  3. VOD Squad! One more day of school then it's Spring Break! Thanks for keeping this tired teacher sane and entertained. It was fun to see members of the community being awesome! Also, Ash those claws are epic.

  4. When you beat the boss, do the cooperators get something out of it as well? Or do only the person that summons that get the rewards?

  5. POD SQUAD…… just wondering what happened to the Ash and Rosie one on onesie, also just want to say I love the podcast, found 26 references, also Ash keep up the Hell Yeah!!!

  6. VOD You can probably tell a lot about a person from the way they play Elden Ring, I can imagine Ash using up her whole lunch hour indesicively going towards different food outlets then changing her mind and ending up going hungry 😁

  7. VOD SQUAD: Loved this stream so much! And the statue boss is a optional one that I recommend having the community defeat as it is very very very difficult do defeat without cheesing. Either way amazing stream love you all and have a great day!

  8. VOD squad! Coming into this stream having seen the Bloodborne stream, I must suggest that Celtic Fox be inducted into the Access hall of fame 😁 can't wait for more elden cheese in future streams!

  9. Vod Squad here, it's a shame I live in the US and was working while this was live, I would have loved to have brought my Wretched Sorcerer.out to play.

  10. I love these streams! I'm also watching my way through all the Bloodborne streams, seeing Rob so frustrated in the beginning was so fun 😀

  11. You guys are the best. Really enjoying yalls videos these days. Always have but the chemistry is really great right now.

  12. I know it's been like 2 years, but it's still amazing to me how seamlessly Ash integrated with the rest of the Access team.

  13. VOD Squadder although more like Feel Like a Fool Squadder now…FLAF Squad! The one time I choose bed time over watchin a live stream…one of those summon signs could of been mine🥺🥺🥺really enjoyin Elden ring and loved the stream, no pressure but don’t ever leave us!💕

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