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How Good is Instant Death? Triangle Strategy

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How good is Instant Death in Triangle Strategy? How effective is it for killing enemies?

In this video I go over Instand Death and also test it on NG+ Hard with level 50 enemies.

Instant death is an obscure ability that 2 playable units have, it often does not affect bosses, but sometimes can be huge impact as it can clean up enemies in a single hit.



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  1. One of my favorite bits is that most of the bosses are immune to instant death. Except, oddly, for Travis, who only resists the effect [at least for Decimal where it drops from 10% to 5%] and also starts his HP as a multiple of 5 [at least while on 50/Hard]. Meaning sometimes you can just basically roll a nat20 and kill him instantly. Very useful on the recruit map or the salt transport map.

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