How Many Players are There at EVERY RANK? – Distribution Breakdown and TIPS – Valorant Guide

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  1. I feel privileged i started playing this and got g3 as my first rank and am able to win games

  2. Started off iron 2 ep2 act 2 now I’m immortal honestly if u just wanna rank up just keep playing the game I got 1k hours on the game and naturally u will rank up if ur under the notion that u want to win every rank up.. it’s that simple just takes time

  3. 9.6% gang i hate how sometimes i get carried and sometimes i carry and the enemy is just full of players like me but every player is me

  4. I'm a silver now, I only need to work on my aim only, my game sens its good to be a plat!
    I think I can do it if I work hardly on my aim!

  5. I was gold the whole act and started 5 stacking in the end now im plat 1 36 rr and really happy I reached plat at 40 fps while playing on hide user interface in game means I cant see the map not my hp or if Im getting revealed by the sova dart so yeah wish I get a better pc and go to Diamond ❤️

  6. Im iron 2 but I have skill of a radiant , shit ranking system. Jk, jk just g2, I like the tips for silver, feels like ppl don't know how to execute often that was my major issue. You forgot tho about 1 crucial tip…which is mental you have to keep spirit up of your team its freelo xD.

  7. i started playing 4 months ago and started at bronze 1 and I'm 2 games away from silver 1 but I hardly do comp because it gives me overwhelming anxiety that I might rank down no matter if I spend 2-3 hours per day just in the range

  8. I disagree with ur statement around high immortal and low immortal in low immortal u often have scrim players. Players that are in t2 teams and as someone who is immortal 3 rn i know that those scrim players are far better than radiants who dont scrim.

  9. that not true about bronze im bronze 3 playing gold ones in solo q comp makes no sense but im closer to silver 1

  10. I was a immortal player before I left for different games and I want to retry but the skill cap has increased so much that I am now stuck in gold

  11. bro this hurts to say but i am a former platinum 2 then i got a bit tired of the game and had a break for 6 months and now im down to silver 2 i still have my game sense im just lacking the skill i once had 😭😭😭

  12. Silver is full of Smurfs i guess, Im Plat 3 and got 15 Accounts in silver as smurf accounts, i dont think many Silvers are actually Silvers.

  13. see after like 50 games I thought I was doing I tried to do comp.. lost 1/10/1 because I had 0 mechanical skill… I have no coordination at all.

  14. I am silver 3 and almost Gold 1 i want to end up Gold this season and i am Most of the time topfragger but my Problem is that i am inkonsistant if i am good my mates are shit if i am Bad then i am only bot fragger

  15. Been playing for about 2 weeks currently at gold 2. Mostly play Raze and sometimes brimstone. Slowly training up my aim. What agents should I focus on learning? Viper and KJ seem like great agents to pick up from my experience but I’d like a more experienced opinion. 🙂

  16. the sad part is i have very good mechanical skill good aim chp and game sense isn't to shabby but I'm somehow stuck in iron and lots of times i wanna blame my teammates but i never do

  17. Im silver 1 and the players are so inconsistent, feels like they are boosted sometimes. People keep saying focus on your game, not your teammates. But how do i play with instalock duelist, tryhard sages who never heals, Force playing smokes, etc.

  18. I want to get to Radiant, but for this act I guess high plat or diamond would be awesome as well. I am currently Gold 1

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