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How To INSTANTLY IMPROVE In Season 11! Apex Legends Tips and Tricks Guide

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Improving fast in apex legends is hard. So i’m here to give tips and tricks to help you get better in the fastest ways possible! We go over how to improve your aim, accuracy, movement and decision making in Apex! These tips are helpful for ranked and pubs and could help you learn how to get a 20 bomb and 4k damage! I hope you enjoy the guide 🙂

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  5. Thanks for these tips!! I have been played since season 5 and took a break for like 3 seasons and now I'm coming back, holy crap either I became insanely trash or everyone became good (I used to dominate servers then). I'll try to get as good as I was before ^^

  6. Jumping from the jump pad into the cannon doesn't make you good. Figures that kind of tip coming from a console player

  7. bro i got an ad of apex and thought it was this video i was about to click away till i seen skip ad in the corner

  8. Mmm disagree a lilbit on tip2 if u are planning to play rankd u need to finish in 25 sec or get thrdpartyed

  9. thank you ashy for the wraith tip.been playing since mid season 4 dint know bout it. appreciate it mate.

  10. So i was playing with randoms right, and I was crafting, and there was a whole squad that came up on me absolutely blasting, so i hid behind the replicator, and they threw 2 ARK STARS AND ONE FRAG AND MY TEAMATES HAD THE AUDACITY TO SAY IT WAS MY FAULT

  11. i just started playing apex a week ago and I've been beating myself up for my aim and positioning and dying at like every fight, I appreciate you saying not to beat yourself up

  12. POV: watching this as somebody who dropped the game back in season 9 in a feeble attempt to at least stand a chance against predator squads since i got nobody to play with so i'm stuck with randoms

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