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Introduction to Metaverse | Evolution, Layers, Applications, NFT, Gaming | webinar session 2022

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This is a webinar on “Intro to metaverse” explaining all about the new 3D virtual world.
The Metaverse is a collective virtual shared space including the sum of all virtual worlds and the Internet. It may contain derivatives or copies of the real world, but it is distinct from augmented reality. ​ It is not a future technology: It is already here. It is a conversation about becoming not simply being.​

Seven Layers of Metaverse​: Experience ​,Discovery ​,Creator Economy ​,Spatial Computing​, Decentralization (Blockchain)​, Human Interaction​, Infrastructure​.
Why Metaverse? Some of the experts are saying that the metaverse will prove to be a disruptive technology for YouTube.​ The Metaverse will change the way people currently experience things.​It will be more than a social network.​ Making the internet not just looking on the screen’s but instead of that making you inside of it. ​

Applications of Metaverse: Games ,3D Museums , Shopping , Concerts, Virtual Homes, Virtual Workspaces.​, NFT’s​, Crypto Token.
Metaverse Shopping Centers​: Walmart Metaverse based store.​ You can do shop here using crypto​. Your purchased products are delivered to you​. A virtual assistant is there to help you.​

​Virtual Homes: Meta has made their own Horizon Society. In which we have Horizon Homes, Horizon Workspaces.​ Meta Virtual Homes can be used by anyone.​ They are not for sale yet but as META says that in future, they will allow people to purchase homes.​

Blockchain in Metaverse: Internet and immersive interactive devices can provide Metaverse with a network foundation, computing power, high-quality content.​ However, an open and transparent economic system is necessary for ensuring the sustainable operations of the Metaverse, and the solution is blockchain​.

Open and Transparent Economic System in Metaverse through Blockchain: The blockchain-enabled economic system can provide Metaverse with financial services, including online payment, value transfer, store of value, etc.​ Example: it gives Metaverse users the ability to identify, confirm, and trade virtual assets.​ The fair, transparent and efficient economic system is beneficial to improving the efficiency of mass collaboration by Metaverse users. ​ ​

The value of blockchain in Metaverse is mainly reflected in the following aspects:​ Payment and Settlement System​, Smart Contract​, Non-fungible Token(NFT)​, Market Places where every purchase is by using crypto tokens, Games Avatar .

3D Programming: So, the two most popular 3D programming languages are C++, C#. 3D Programming is a bit difficult and hard to learn but it allows a lot of customization. 3D programming is not only limited to the games. 3D Programming is used in the following industries.​ Architecture​, Media & Entertainment ​,Manufacturing​, Super computing ​,Game Development ​

​NVIDIA Omniverse​: As NVIDIA omniverse is also one of the leading tech company in the upcoming metaverse technology.​

multi-GPU real-time reference development platform for 3D simulation and design collaboration.​

The fundamental representation of assets in Omniverse is Pixar’s open-source Universal Scene Description (USD). USD is a powerful framework and scene representation with an API that allows complex property inheritance, instancing, layering, lazy loading and a wide variety of other key features.​

​META Oculus​: Meta (Facebook) is highly investing in their VR glasses Oculus.​ Oculus is the key to interact with the metaverse.​ Through Oculus you can explore the Horizon Homes, Offices and many more.​ You can play games, attend parties and can attend concerts and be a part of the virtual world.​

Microsoft Metaverse :Microsoft is also working on the metaverse to make digital identities easier.​ Microsoft is working on making metaverse based world to give you ease in turning your identity digital. ​Microsoft metaverse is not a VR based metaverse, It is a software based. ​

Meta Human: A metahuman is a human with superpowers. The term is roughly synonymous with both mutant and mutate.​ You can make your own 3D human-based characters.​Interoperability as an NFT characters​. You can customize your character as much as want.​

Interoperability in Metaverse​: Metaverse promises an immersive and augmented experience of living in a realistic digital space by facilitating a convergence of the physical and real worlds.​ In the blockchain ecosystem, we have both interoperable and non-interoperable platforms.​ Interoperable metaverse is yet to be realized, interoperability will be the driving force behind metaverse​

Programming Languages & Hardware for Metaverse​: The metaverse is not a product of one company or of one dev.​ The multiple languages combination make a successful metaverse product. ​


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