Is Battlefield 2042 worth playing yet?

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Today we’re answering the question: is Battlefield 2042 worth playing yet? After Battlefield 2042 update 4.0, the game has improved and I’ve had a lot of people asking me if it’s the right time to jump back in. There’s still a long way to go for this game but it’s on the right track. Battlefield 2042 player numbers are on the rise and the whole “Battlefield 2042 is dying” mantra seems to be quieting down.

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► Is Battlefield 2042 worth playing yet?


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  1. This is the worst battlefield I’ve ever played. This game is designed for BAD players plain and simple . I’ll stick to bf4 that is actually a good battlefield

  2. Westie, what have they done to this game that has made it far more difficult to play?
    Did they reduce the amount of bullets it takes to kill someone?

  3. I play on ps4 and there is no hit regulation in portal mode, it is an absolute joke, they shouldn’t have even made it for ps4

  4. I feel hazard zone has potential, especially if dice is listening to players like they are with conquest.

  5. I haven't played since it first came out and just started playing again 2 days ago. Honestly I'm impressed with what I see

  6. Whenever Westy “phrases” a question like that then I know it’s definitely not good, and I don’t do it!

  7. I just can’t with it. Warzone for me. I enjoy watching you and your friends play Caldera and Rebirth island!

  8. Such a shame that 2042 is so disappointing bc I needed a new battlefield in my life. Seriously played more of this and the other older playlists from portal than 2042. I'm still hoping 2042 turns around to be a good game just hope they don't announce another battlefield b4 this one gets better. 🙏

  9. portal is great, 2042 is still quite aweful, imho. It is better compared to how it released, but far from finished/fun

  10. Still can’t understand why the portal maps and gun weren’t included in base game rotation – or just the guns since they want to keep the theme.

  11. after this update many friends suspect that became some hackers and for me yup so weird like in bfv , same sh** in bf series 😀

  12. Can't wait to get back into gaming in general this summer once finals are done at school. I've always been a hardcore battlefield fan and will continue to have fun with it just glad of the changes coming hopefully it's enough to rally more people to play the game again.

  13. Ok so I re installed the game the other day after the patch. Ive played Battlefield for a very long time, several years. The game still runs at the same frames, maybe you get an extra 5 FPS tops so absolutely no difference. The same maps are still the only thing in this game, and my opinon is that the maps are the worst maps I have ever played in any FPS game I have played during the last 20 odd years. Why they thought creating maps that are crazy wide open with pretty much no cover in a shooting game is beyond me, the weapons feel like they have more recoil, so im guessing the attachments mean more in the game now. Other than that, nothing has changed for me. I played it for about 5 hours after the patch and then uninstalled again. When they finally come to their senses and actually release a smaller map where people can actually shoot with a normal weapon rather than either sniping or using a vehicle, I will re install it and try it again but not until then.

  14. The old maps invoke some nice nostalgia but having to play the maps with BF2042 assets is just terrible.

  15. biggest concern FIX THE F-ING FPS

    no one wants to play on 80 fps with an rtx card. just no. not in 2022. idc about bugs or maps, GIVE ME PROPER FRAMES PER SECOND

  16. I agree with the comments on remastering bf3. I have more fun playing the portal games. after downloading the updates I find myself getting killed quickly. reminds me of call of duty. they really need to separate PC from console players or this won't work.

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