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Let's Play World of Warcraft -The Burning Crusade Classic – Tauren Warrior – Part 17 – Gameplay

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In this video we’ll have a relaxing, immersive time, leveling up as a Tauren Warrior.
Professions: Herbalism, Skinning.
Add-ons: Questie, Recount (for dungeon runs).


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  1. I so wish I could go back in time and not know WoW today so I could start fresh.
    Nothing like starting a new game you’ve never touched. Good luck to all those just starting your journey. It’s a hell of a ride!

  2. Super appreciate this series and pace. Just started to play wow. Your videos have made learning to play less overwhelming for me. Thank you 🙏

  3. looking forward to wotlk classic. Which class, and spec is the most fun, and interactive in your opinion?

  4. My man you didnt equip the helm and ring you got from RFK big sad. Are you a hide helm or show helm guy?

  5. i will wait until pre expasion event to buy a lvl 68 paladin!! to much time expendo on leveling on classic

  6. Mankrik and Pagle seem to be the best for Horde and Ally. Westfall is where I was before and have all my toons there and considering a transfer of my main.

  7. Lich King has a raid if you win a battleground. If you are on a server that is 90% in favor of one side, it will be hard to get the battleground to que up.

  8. I will usually roll sword n board on my warrior, but keep a shield in my inventory just in case. But I do love the fantasy aspect of sword and shield.

  9. Casually leveling while listening to you casually level (your voice is very soothing btw). good video

    Edit: Adding this here – I mained Alliance on Mankrik until TBC launch, it was always massively Horde but we had a great small community with a very active PUG discord for raids. When TBC came out though slowly all the Alliance left. Funny enough, a large portion of the Alliance Mankrik population has now settled onto Westfall and while it isnt a super active mega-server it is currently populated enough for me without being too crazy. We clear BT/Hyjal weekly and we do have quite a few GDKP runs as well.

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