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my secret new game :)

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  1. What's "if (audioSource == true) { audioSource = true; }" mean? And I love intro music and your acting. : )

  2. 6 minutes in and the live chat replay is a disgrace. People need to chill out. The game looks beautiful, Thomas. Amazing work.

  3. There's no way you're going to fool me into thinking you have 1 week of work into this already. Good one for April Fool's Day though!

  4. maybe, if poundpressedonce = true, can't keep pound, until, some key has been released, or, some bool, is not false, so on . . .

    character controllers, it's a mess, until one has made 20 – 30, etc . . .

    Tried making a 3D navigation code, didn't end so well, code is rather difficult, still, if it finally works, can be amazing, so on . . .

  5. I haven’t even watched this yet but every time I see you’re working on a new project I get butterflies because it’s like a new world I’m gonna get to know. Really looking forward to this video. 🙂 Also, gonna sign up for one of your programs once I get moved into my new place. Really excited.

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