Red Dead Redemption

Never Seen This Animation Before, You Can EXECUTE WOLVES – Red Dead Redemption 2

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  1. Try the water one attack someone with a knife on some low water level but you you strangle him down it covers him the animation for it is john wick level 👌

  2. I hate shooting them especially after the mission with Rains Fall, but as partly a survival game, not much choice sometimes.

  3. Still waiting for someone to figure out when was Arthur in johns position as John killed the Laramie guy, they used the same animation

  4. Always fight wolves with just your hands as Arthur like the big man he is, as John you should probably use a gun with explosive rounds so he doesn't get more scars

  5. i find it funny how in online mode my skinny character took out a wolf with a hammer, i dont care if your the rock you aint shattering a wolfs spinal cord with a hammer they are built like tanks in real life.

  6. Still not a surprise, this is RDR2 we are talking about. It's possible that in a decade there will be new stuff to discover.

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