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* NEW * Game Room Tour for 2022 – (60 Systems + 7,500 Games)

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Brand new Metal Jesus Game Room tour for 2022 – Thousands of games & over 60 systems, plus the furniture I use, shelving, …


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  1. love the setup man, also.. i subscribed back years ago when you had that opeth poster in the back corner.. that told me everything i needed to know.. a man with taste and talent.

  2. When Vizio first came out.. you're right connectivity was insane. Love that company from the get go.

  3. Honestly this game collection would give me choice paralysis. It sure looks pretty, but I'd never be able to decide what to play.

  4. pretty cool man, as an employee of Fender in Corona Ca though, im gonna say a little disappointed I dont see a lot of cool Fenders man, dude, a Jim Root at least? His USA Strat would look awesome in there!!

  5. Crazy how much better then the last place I sal where you had the flooding in the basement what a difference I would never leave if I had this

  6. I love the idea of having the retro CRTV console close by, but how do you position yourself to play on the CRTV with that couch set up?

  7. At 13:29. Is that a Trigun poster? You never cease to surprise me with how open you are to new cultural genres and appreciate new dimensions. I remember when you posted the Discovery LP by Daft Punk as one of the favorites in the collection.

  8. I’ve been having a lot of fun playing cyberpunk over the last week or so. I usually try to wait a year or so before buying any game (but I did get smt5 on day one lol) and in cyberpunk’s case, it seems to have been a great decision. I got a pc special edition for like $10 on ebay, and it’s great:)

  9. Whenever I see collections/game collections, all my brain wants to think is: *can you how imagine how devastating a house fire would be*?

  10. Not an ad, but get the Anker charging dock for your Quest 2. It also comes with rechargable batteries for the controllers, so it’s a perfect stand + charge solution.

  11. Compared to my 200 game collection (probably have like 60 games that are stored away and not being displayed ).

    This would be like Tetris on Ultra hardcore to organise everything or heaven forbid you have to move stuff….

    I must say I enjoy when I buy a used game at a thrift store. The satisfaction you get after you clean and remove the stickers is great. Makes you proud to display your games.

    When you mentioned Vash the stampede my brain went. "Love and peace!"

  12. This guy must have had to mortgage his house to afford all this stuff. My collection is worth about $25000.00 and is less an half of this guy's collection.

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