NEW Promising Changes Datamined For Battlefield 2042!

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NEW Promising Changes Datamined For Battlefield 2042!

Data-Miner Temporyal has once again datamined the Battlefield 2042 game files. They found mention of new promising changes for Battlefield 2042. Specialist re-work, store items, new cosmetics, and the return of classes.

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  1. So you are supposed to whipe back to front? I''ve always thought you were supposed to spinn the paper around your finger and then whipe by going in and out with it.

  2. Specialist changes do not equal Specialist removal and that will keep me away. If we let them have a little leeway in Specialists I GUARANTEE they will return for the next BF title and they will try and push this notion further. Either they are completely removed or I'm not coming back.

    Also I couldn't give two shits about a narrative world for the Specialists because I hate Sepcialists anyway so this seems like a total waste of the developer's time when they could be improving the game.

  3. Specialists should have been treated like Heroes and Villains from the Battlefront series. Lock the Specialists behind a point system that you earn while in-game, then when you have enough points, you can select a Specialist to play. This way when you're playing, you're playing a Class, until you have enough points to buy a Specialist.

  4. In BF4 all classes had passive abilities that gave you a small boost in certain areas like:
    – More ammo
    – Sprint a little faster
    – Fall damage reduced
    – Repair faster
    – Damage from explosives reduced
    – More health bags

  5. specialists aren't bad if they were treated like Battlefront 2 heroes … earn points as a soldier to spawn in as a special ops character

  6. 7 garbage maps, 4 weapons per class (total of 19), garbage Specialists, garbage content, garbage XP leveling, garbage performance, garbage server lag issues, garbage UI, garbage immersion, garbage destruction….GARBAGE DICE.

  7. hope they make it darker in general, bf1 style. I thought the game mechanics have been fine since even before this update. The only thing I seriouisly want is the classes to go back to the original 4 or similar.

  8. In the last core feedback at the end of March it read something like "we'll be back in a couple of weeks to talk about specialists" and its coming up to 4 weeks since that was posted so hoping for some info soon

  9. I miss the time when you buy Battlefield premium and actually get good content bf3 Bf1 Bf4

  10. I'm one of the few people who realizes that the specialist aren't really a problem with the game, it's more of the map design. When you play on the older, better maps in Portal, it proves that it's the maps because it feels more like Battlefield and you don't even notice the specialist.

    The biggest issue with the specialist is the way they look and sound.

  11. I need to see what they do with the specialist because the specialist is what ruined the game for me…

  12. Did my man say wipe from back to front??? lol 😆 😂 🤣 for those of you who don't know, females are supposed to wipe from front to back. Lol.

  13. I hope at least they do it like star wars battlefront where the specialists are playable if you have enough points…

  14. Too little too late. Myself and many others want this game to fail and for them to just stop for the next 3-4 years. Reboot the series in 5 years with its original formula. It’ll feel new to the market and us older fans may be willing to give it a shot after that much time.

  15. Hi lossy, thank you for the video. Absolutely desperate for anything battlefield. Been playing the old campaigns lately to get by "Bad Company"

  16. I was wiping back-to-front right as you said it 🙃 Not sure whether I'm proud or disgusted. Thanks, I think

  17. just give us refunds for anything over base price of the game and move on i liked bf5 but this game is horrible

  18. Store Items? Nah. EA doesn’t get a single cent from me. I own the season pass and I’m still waiting for the first season. Unbelievable.

  19. I still feel a good way of doing this is to have a Specialist mode and a Classic mode. Personally, I kind of enjoy the specialists, giving you a little more flexibility overall to deal with threats. They can be good for breaking deadlocks and campers at times.

    But this idea would let you play rounds as Specialists (No-Pat or Mercenary mode or something) as current. The other mode would basically use the bot classes (there are already four distinct looks per side) as the basis for the new classes. Another idea would be to have faction specific skins for the specialists, so depending on which team you're on, your skin or look will not be available to the other faction.

    Overall though the class system not being there doesn't really bother me a great deal. It'd be interesting to see something done with it, maybe limiting certain gadgets to certain characters, but I still think putting a more traditional setup into a more traditional and separate mode would be a good way of doing it that appeals to everyone. You could even bring in the pilot/crew kits if you're playing as more 'general' characters.

  20. What they need to do is get rid of the specialists skins, and make them look like soldiers. Give everyone a choice of what gadget class they want, and let them use any gun. Tbh I hate how they look except for some outfits. I want realistic lookong kits despite the unrealistic gadgets. Also add portal weapons from modern titles into all out warfare. Saves time coding in brand new weapons.

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