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Hey Guys and welcome to a new Video!

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It was a TON of work and I would greatly appreciate if you would LIKE the Video, tell me what you think about the Video and the Content itself in a Comment and Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to become a Part of the great Community!

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  1. Been watching for a loong time, just wanna say I love the diary format! looking forward to more.
    leveling clips had me lmao, my experience was similar lol

  2. Would a Mjolnir and the new shield that makes 1H weapons 6-link be stronger than fireburst? Mjolnir will trigger it every 0.25s instead of fireburst 1s, you get better shield block, can use empower and +X to skills on gear and scale the damage even more. Just theory crafting at this point as I really liked your build video in 3.14 and currently playing it and having so much fun. Cheers!

  3. I leveled the build with herald of thunder ignite proli after the first ascension and it went surprisingly well, it was really just a weaker version of the build but the same feeling

  4. @mbXtreme I am currently enjoying this build but it seems that the character sheet in PoE and PoB don t agree on two points : 1. in character sheet the more cast speed I have the more fire burst cast/sec I have ( in PoB cast speed doesn t matter) 2. I have shaper of flames too but in character sheet my fireBurst only have 35% chance to ignite !? (again PoB says 100%). Is it the same for you ? Can you talk about it in your next video plz ? Thank you

  5. normaly i have a good time going throught the acts, dying like 5-10 times…..this time it was, no joke, like 200 times….so many oneshots that hit me so hard i was back in 3.13……

  6. seems like – in this leage are quite some buggs xD

    cant link items….lul
    everytime i enter a map – i have to deactivate-activate my herald – or the hextouch is not working

  7. Was super excited for league… now it's just dogsh*t as usual.

    You have a fast-stacking MORE damage multiplier that quickly gets to point of getting 1-shot by everything unless you're a MAX BLOCK and MAX evade character (still, eventually get 1-shot).

    And what's the reward for this? Garbage… and I mean GARBAGE drops (all corrupted gear with terrible rolls, and don't even have chance to be fully linked). And the actual league mechanic where you "bake" items gives you pretty garbage gear as well.

  8. Have you thought about using Gang's Momentum boots? I've been seeing good things with it cause of the increased damage against ignited enemies specially against single target. Once my second fireburst hits that ignite is 30% stronger and does damage over the first one and you'll see an increase in the speed of damage from there out. I'm currently running berek's respite for the better ignite prolif.

  9. I'm currently running Assassin with 7 power charges. %100 crit chance %550 crit multi with the Perfect Agony. I belive it is much better than Ele Overload. Using Fireball with a garbage 6L armour. So far, i'm melting shit. Did the guardians aswell and still progressing. I'm planning to convert this build into an Arc ignite with Stomfire ring and hopefully i'll get better clear speed. When i get the Mistwalker + From the Shadows, i'm gonna have a permanent Illusive. Sounds good eh ?

  10. I just got Fire Burst and holy crap it's amazing! I'm using Convergence instead of Shaper of Storms atm, but it's still great 😁😁😁

  11. I think u need some physical mitigation, was able to survive scourge with champion 80% physical reduction

  12. those transitions have to go man, i'm watching this in the morning after a loooong night of blasting, i have no mental energy for this BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ every 10s

  13. You should lvling with Arc. After 1st lab, I change from fire ball to Arc and it clear insanely good. And the feeling when I pop Vaal Arc in middle of a legion is unspeakable.
    After I switch to fire burst, which help me blast through T10 now, I still feel Arc + Vaal Arc is better in some scenario, especially with leag mechanic

  14. Wow! I had no idea it could take so long to find a chaos orb.. I must of really been on RNG's side to have one drop on act 2

  15. I died 33 times so far but I was pushing up to more or less 170 stacks sometimes while still using junk gear with 4-links at most. Thanks for telling about your Brand/Fireball struggle cause now my build is looking badass and I was feeling like I'm on a weak side. Btw. it's Corrupting Fever Exsanguinate Slinger Glad.

  16. Let's go! Great video. Just finished breakfast and ready to log in for a big day of gaming! I also didn't get my first chaos orb until like level 53 😆.

  17. This league is my first time playing witch and i find her extremely weak against phys damage. How do i get phys mitigation?

  18. I went for ignite wave of conviction with lots of armour, i'm hybrid with new armour+es keystone it's really smooth, i'm lvl 88 atm.

  19. im building an ignite build also(in my case frostbolt), and even when EO triggers and the icon appears the ignite number dont changes, maybe is just a visual bug

  20. I sorta had the same problem with a HoT autobomber using crest of desire. HoT can't crit (without a gem or messing with it) and kinda killed the cheaper version.

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