Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Online received a New Patch on PC

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Red Dead Online received 4 GB patch on a PC (3 GB on Steam). It’s not a new RDR2 online update, just some improvements the security of Red Dead Online, bugfixes, but still gives players a beam of hope, because why would Rockstar patch and fix Red Dead Online if they have no planes for the future of this game?

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  1. I play the game on ps5 and the game is so full of bugs . When I found revenue agent roadblocks it always says kill remaining enemies but they never spawn .so you can never complete them

  2. Great video Cat, you've always been one of my favorite youtubers. Are you going to give WildRP a try oneday? ❤️

  3. I actually have no idea about the future of RDO.. because I’ve gotten the impression that Rockstars childish behavior during the #SaveRedDeadOnline trend, was mostly to show that they do things their way, and their way only. They’ll probably release an update for RDO, sometime.. whenever they feel the time is right.. but NEVER because the community asked for it, because Rockstar isn’t like that anymore

  4. i played some rdo last night, and got a random free roam mission for a npc camp robbery? was that always a thing and i just never noticed??

    like, i hovered over the red area and it said ''outlaw'' so i thought it was a bounty mission, but it wanted me to steal valuables and take them to a drop off point. i've been playing since the official out-of-beta launch and have never gotten this

    im not on pc either, im on console which hasn't gotten anything new yet, at least at the time i was playing

    p random comment but im very confused

  5. I have recently noticed that audio seems clearer and more defined as I’m playing RDO. I play on PS4 and it may only be ambient sounds, like wind or birds singing but it’s so much clearer that I’ve wondered if they’ve added new sounds or just cleaned them up a bit. I’m 50 and pretty sure my hearing isn’t just getting better with age and neither is my headset. Anyone else notice this as well?

  6. What they need to do is figure out how to get rid of all the hackers! Ridiculous! Maybe the game would run better if they didn't let every dumbass hacker in.

  7. Tez2 really is like Trelawny, he is mysterious and only occasionally appears but always had valuable information for us

  8. It's a time-period game….what do you honestly expect??? people cry for updates yet cry if a MK is released. Rockstar gets ripped either way.

  9. Beans+? how could anyone resist? 🙂 As always thanks for the updates to one of my favorite games.

  10. The last thing what I will not do is to subscribe to BEANS+ without them updating the game for 2 years straight. If they do that than I am game.

  11. I've said it before I'd be willing to pay subscription if the content was there and more frequent
    But as it is they'd have to dump a WHOLE LOT of content all at once not drip fed not promised or on a road map to be announced or changed later
    I'm talking a complete LeClerk story, ability to sell horses, new clothes, properties, roles, and Mexico. Anything short of that I'm not even going to re-download it

  12. So, gta gets actual content… RDO gets 4 Gb worth of nothing.
    Thanks, Rockstar.
    Also, F*ck you, Rockstar.

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