Apex Legends


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  1. YASSSS lol we don’t deserve the “yayyy” but we missed it……dammm all nostalgic and stuff

  2. Subbed because I remember you dealing with that racist guy so graciously. Great vid, wishing you many dubs

  3. Aiming felt different for me too and I went to the settings and found out that they added deadzone settings and it was on normal. I turned it completely off and started aiming better immediately😂

  4. Ratchet-samaaaa, I gotta ask. Do you practice? Like do you go to the firing range often and shoot for a while or do you naturally just beem enemies consistently due to pure talent and after having played the game for a while? Genuinely want to know😭

  5. Mad props to Ratchet’s production team. Somebody give that man/woman a bonus check pronto. That signature chill af vibe from your channel pairs nicely w/ that god mode gameplay. Your following that truly enjoy gaming just for fun will def get it, homie. Please keep pushing.

  6. hey can we get some more likes on this video! 10,000+ views and only 800 likes. He's doing this for us so lets help the homie out!

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