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Season 17 SANDBOX (NEW Airborne Stat, Exotic Glaive Buff, and Weapon Reworks) | Destiny 2 New Season

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This TWAB is OVER 9000! Bungie is making major sandbox changes in season 17. Airborne Weapon Tuning, Exotic Changes and Glaive Buffs along with so much more.
#Destiny2 #TWAB #Sandbox
0:00 Intro
1:42 Sandbox Changes Overview
4:33 Glaives
8:38 Flinch
11:58 Airborne Gunplay
25:27 Playlist Weapons
26:44 Weapon Stat Displays
27:22 One Hit Kills and Special Ammo
29:25 Special Weapon Changes
35:16 Primary Weapon Changes
39:06 Heavy Weapon Changes
40:47 Exotic Changes
49:30 Perks
53:09 Mods
53:44 Loot Rotation
55:27 Ability Tuning
56:45 Gambit Labs
58:08 Outro
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  1. as someone who uses weapons/ armor that i like, not just for being meta, it’s always satisfying to see them get a buff, foetracer for example, being my go to crucible exotic

  2. Messenger is on the way out but it isn't been up for adept in a LONG time. I think it's been two months.

  3. You need more airborne value on a smg because you need a truck load of bullet to kill my friend. A high innate airborne dmt would not be nice imho

  4. I feel like 0.5625× is specifically that so leviathans breath doesn't quite hit one very specific threshhold in some weird setting, presumably one that either nukes every enemy in a 17 mile radius, or 1 that nukes your game and possibly the device its running on.

  5. What if I said that I’d STILL rather get NEW MAPS AND GAMEMODES than have ANY of these changes.

  6. Cross, you made me laugh so hard when you read the Leviathan's Breath catalyst buff. "Who the hell is gonna say, 'YO! Checkoutthis0.5625xdrawtimespeedwiththenewbuff'"😂

  7. "Le Monarque might be a monster" haha Le Monarque carried me the whole way on the Legendary Campaign against them shields lmao

  8. So many people are complaining about ophidians getting +10 while stomp33's get -50 but no one is talking about how WoSD, an already really good exotic is getting +50. Gonna be meta next season.

  9. I don’t think they should get rid of one hit kills with specials they need to tune subclasses and build crafting. The most most people barely even have to shoot their guns anyway

  10. Thus is just going to make the game what it was in the beginning. Scout rifle and smg combos, last word will dominate, and I’ll drop 40+ kills a game because no one will be able to one shot me while I jump around and run my socks off. It’s going to be horrible for new people and even worse for trials that WILL focus solely on team fire.

  11. They actually nerfed my skyburner's oath. I've been using this gun since the first time I did levi and it dropped for me hoping for a buff someday and this happens 🙁

  12. As someone who (mains a titan however) plays Hunter as my 2nd fav, the stompees nerf is honestly not a problem. My bitchass is grounded to most of the time and stompees are only really used because of the movement, which I could do without tbh. Especially with how good Mida is rn (if you haven't tried it recently, for it, it so good). <3

  13. What a great video man, you’re very talented at fluently sharing information. I appreciate the work and dedication you have for the destiny community!💪

  14. Arbalest nerf is fkn horrible!! 25%!!!! That's garbage, 10% may've been reasonable but it really isn't cool at all. Arbalest was in a good place, It doesn't evaporate champions as is!

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