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Sony invests £767million in Epic Games to help build the metaverse

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Sony had already invested £345million in Epic Games after a run of funding that took place a few months ago, but now the PlayStation manufacturer has invested £767million (or $1billion) into Epic Games, in order to build the “future of digital entertainment” and the metaverse.

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  1. What in the name of Jesus is a metaverse. Is it like the next verse of a song? Metaverse just like the first verse. Let's make up some more idiotic words.

  2. Well… if fortnite has anything to do with the metaverse I am sure as Hell not joining it! And if having a Facebook account or Instagram means I am part of the metaverse than I'll be deleting my accounts! Fortnite is a plague to society

  3. I thought it was 1 billion dollars combined. So why didn't u guys use that as the title, it would've looked better.

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