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The Highest AP Damage Jungler in Season 12 League of Legends

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Decided to lock in the good old Karthus jungle to bring tons of AP damage!

0:00 – 0:50 The best Elise runes
0:50 – 2:10 Opinion on C9’s Ivern mid
2:10 – 8:10 Karthus early game
8:10 – 9:17 Plans with NoWay
9:17 – End of vid Karthus mid-late game

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The Highest AP Damage Jungler in Season 12 League of Legends

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  1. My favorite part of your videos are you just dropping tips and knowledge left and right. So helpful!! Thank u for the knowledge broxah ur a king

  2. I pulled out karthus the other day when the enemy team looked sketchy, same as you (much lower elo) and it worked! Champ is insane as long as you are aware and keep farming

  3. I need you to help give me tips on my games. I’m trying to climb to plat but it’s so difficult when my teammates constantly die

  4. Don't know all the skins and thought that was vlad in the thumbnail. It wasn't exactly crazy clickbait but you got me, I thought broxah had some dark vlad jg technology

  5. I dont even want to ask in the last Videos, btw nice and many Content, but im so hyped for the Broxah NoWay synergy. I hope u do ur best for u and thx for the Entertainment

  6. I love your attitude and personality bro! You're such a kind guy, no flaming, no swearing and always trying your best while trying to change people's bad attitudes even if they try to tilt you or flame you. You're my favorite Lol player with different aspects!
    With my respect and love ♡

  7. The King is back again in making daily content! The informative content is very great as well. It helps for veteran junglers and trying roles for jungle like me too. Also, NoWay with you on your rank content? Yes please!

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