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The most terrifying thing I've ever experienced in Pokémon Legends Arceus

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  1. My most terrible moment was realizing I actually bought a game that kept on feeling soulless even after 40h…

  2. This game can be lowkey creepy because of the aggressive nature of Pokémon in this time period. Ahh… I still remember the first time I hit hyper beamed by a snorlax

  3. Waiting for the actual definition of “Terrifying” to happen…in the easiest goddamn Pokémon game ever rushed out ever

  4. I did this with a horde of alpha Garchomp. It was awful. They were all like level 85 and hyper aggressive so even if you had a good pokemon, they'd all attack at once and wear you down faster than you could take them out lmao

    Also Alpha Steelix are terrifying. Got a shiny one eventually though!

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